Seller Cuts Up Rare Camaro In Spite Because Of Lowballers

Anger issues aside, this mad seller live-streamed cutting up his Camaro in spite because he got sick of all of the calls and lowballers. And as you will see it was a lot harder to Sawzall the thing apart. He could have left his 1970 Camaro alone and taken what he could get. We can’t tell what he was fueled on besides anger. But it is fun to watch the absurdity of the effort that it took. It’s amazing that “Jon Danger,” the name the seller used on the Clapd Out Facebook group, couldn’t see the idiocy of his efforts. 

We’re sure cutting up his Camaro was cathartic in some fashion

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At one point he tells his wife or girlfriend or mother as she races off in her clapped out Jeep, “I’m sick to my stomach about this.” The trunk was full of parts and trim. Danger says, “I’m putting all of this on the sidewalk for the scrapper.” A lot of F-words were uttered in the making of this stream. 

The Scranton, Pennsylvania, resident clearly is not happy about lowballers and what he’s doing

The Scranton, Pennsylvania, resident clearly is not happy about what he’s doing. That makes it more entertaining. “Why did I do this? Because I’m tired of getting offers of two-grand, or three-grand. I offered the car for $4,500 and nobody wants to take it,” dangerous Jon says. Talking on the phone he discusses “dragging it out to the woods and setting it on fire.”

“Just to prove a point that’s why I cut it up,” he says. “Bring your trailer and take it to Hosko’s Scrap. I don’t want a thing for it, you can keep the money. I just want it outta here.” It doesn’t seem like this ended well for dangerous Jon as the 40-minute stream ends here. 

We can’t determine what the reward was for Jon in doing this but the story will impress a certain group of people. Most will just dismiss it as a misguided adventure. Whatever the reason he’s keeping the front end he just got through cutting off. But that’s the worst part. You know why?

This 1970/71 Camaro is made to look like a split bumper Z/28 but it is not

This 1970/71 Camaro is made to look like a split bumper Z/28 but it is not. It has some split bumpers on a standard front end. Maybe that’s why Jon thought he was getting lowballed? Did he think he had a legit split bumper Z/28 Camaro? 

While it can sometimes be frustrating dealing with the Craigslist crowd it comes with the territory. The funny things in a later post our pal Jon says he has another 1970 Camaro, and he’s planning on cutting it up also. Some day he’ll be telling his grandkids what an idiot he was because by then these gen 2 Camaros will probably be selling for six figures.