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In the world of premium supercars, few brands have the same gravitas as Lamborghini. Even as the automotive industry experiences a major shift in philosophy, the Italian supercar brand can still grab attention. This week, we got a leaked look at Lamborghini’s hybrid successor to the long-standing Aventador. This Lamborghini Aventador replacement looks familiar, albeit with a few modern updates. Leaked on Instagram earlier this week, the Aventador replacement seems like a logical step into the future for Lamborghini.

An uncovered digital rendering of the new Aventador replacement
The leaked image of the Aventador replacement | Automotive_Mike via Instagram

An Instagram post shows off Lamborghini’s newest contender

In an image shown by Instagram user Automotive_Mike, the Aventador replacement has familiar cues. Lamborghini’s angular design language is present in both the front and rear renderings shown in the post. More significantly, the photos match both spy shots and patent images of Lamborghini’s upcoming contender, according to Road and Track.

While Lamborghini hasn’t released anything official, based on other information we believe that these renderings are accurate to what the new Aventador will look like. However, we know of no performance information, pricing, or official release dates at this time.

What does the Aventador replacement look like?

The Lamborghini Sian, Aventador, and Urus
The Lamborghini Sian, Aventador, and Urus | Lamborghini

While there are many similarities between the leaked images and the current Aventador, other, more modern models lend their cues as well. The new Y-shaped lighting design is present on both the head and taillights, borrowing from models like the Sian. Other touches include high-mounted twin tailpipes that exit between the taillights. Down low, a large, sweeping diffuser cuts up from the ground and meets the bumper about halfway up the wheel arch.

Cutouts behind the doors cut a jagged S-shaped pattern from the side skirts to the C-pillar. Atop the engine compartment, flat vents appear to pull heat from the engine bay. In all, Lamborghini fans will instantly recognize this as one of the brand’s designs. That said, it feels a bit formulaic, lacking any true originality when compared to other flagship models.

When will the new Lamborghini model arrive?

Currently, we do not know any official information about when the replacement Aventador models will go on sale. Lamborghini isn’t expected to release any official information until mid-summer. With that in mind, our belief is that sales won’t begin until September or October of 2023. There is no reason to believe that this leak will have any affect on those plans.

Currently, the new Lamborghini model is still in testing, so there are no details regarding performance specifics other than a hybrid V12 power unit.

How long has the current Aventador been for sale?

The current Lamborghini Aventador in green
The current Aventador | Lamborghini

The current Lamborghini Aventador went on sale in 2011, so it has been around for some time now. It isn’t unusual for Lamborghini to go long stretches between new model releases. In fact, the recent release of Huracan, Sian, and Urus models marks a notable shift in overall strategy. That said, more frequent releases should help the brand retain relevance as automotive technology rapidly changes. Still, don’t expect the Italian supercar brand to churn out yearly releases – its first EV isn’t planned until 2028.

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