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Matthew Baumann was shocked to hear that he was getting laid off from his Tesla role. The sudden news came as a big blow since he’s expecting a baby in October. Considering all, Baumann decided to take to X and post his secrets for cleaning and buffing a Cybertruck. The post caption reads, “Tesla didn’t want me to post this, but since I just got laid off, here it is. How to get that Cybershine.”

Former Tesla employee’s steps to getting your Cybertruck to a “Cybershine”

Here are the steps Baumann shared, and his tutorial video is also embedded below:

  1. Apply correction compound on a buffing pad; work it in manually
  2. Waterless wash using a microfiber rag
  3. Window cleaner using a waffle microfiber rag
  4. Window cleaner using a new waffle microfiber rag
An image of a Cybertruck in left profile view with the words "Secrets to get that Cybershine" in bold lettering

According to Baumann, the window cleaner “gives the streak-free final whammy.” He says that If you’re still seeing streaks on the Cybertruck after using a glass cleaner, the rag is most likely too soiled. Get a clean one and try again.

Finally, Baumann shared a little maintenance trick once the CT has been shined to a sparkle: All-purpose cleaner on a rag will wipe off new fingerprints. Then, apply glass cleaner to get a streak-free glow.

Something I smiled about with the glass cleaner “secret” is that window cleaner is also used in kitchen and bathroom appliances to get faucets to shine. Learned that tip from a cleaning service I follow on Instagram. In engine detailing, glass cleaner is sometimes used to “brighten” plastic engine covers. Turns out Windex works in a lot of places!

A close view of a Tesla Cybertruck Foundation Series left fender
Brandon Woyshnis via iStock

Baumann is still getting over the pain of a late-night email from Tesla locking him out of his apps and credentials. “They sent out emails at 1:42 am MST. Didn’t see it until after I got to work and found out all of my apps and credentials were locked.”

He’s staying positive, and decided “sharing is caring” with these Cybershine secrets. “I’m definitely feeling the love and positivity today though. Keeping my head high!”