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There are few phrases cooler to a car nerd than “secret Porsche museum.” Even now, I feel my heart racing just typing it. The good news is, this is not just a cool sentence; it’s a real thing that you can visits if you find yourself just north of Los Angles. If you are into rare Porsches like vintage air-cooled Porsche 911s and classy Porsche 356s, you have to go check out the secret underground Porsche museum in Santa Clarita. 

rare Porsche 356 in red
Rare Porsche 356 | Porsche Santa Clarita

I want to go to the secret underground rare Porsche museum 

The Drive reports that just north of LA in the Santa Clarita suburbs, Porsche Santa Clarita is offering what might be the coolest retail experience in the car world. While the dealership sells modern Porsches of all varieties, its specialty lies in the basement. 

Why should the dealership only sell brand new cars? Well, at Porsche Santa Clarita, they don’t. Underneath the dealership lies a fantastic Porsche museum piled with beautiful and rare Porsches spanning time and taste. 

The Wunderground, as the Porsche Museum is called, has many rare Porsche models like a 1964 356 C, 1960 356 B Roadster, and a 1965 356SC, all crispy clean and in showroom condition, or should I say museum quality. 

How do they decide what goes in the Wunderground Museum? 

The collection rotates, making it an ever enticing place to visit; it is a dealership, after all. The only real criteria for the rare Porsche museum is, well, they have to be rare. The Drive reports that the museum recently picked up a Paul Newman-driven 1979 Porsche 935 with a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter flat-six. 

Porsche 356 Coupe C in grey
Porsche 356 coupe with super rare sunroof option | Porsche Santa Clarita

The Drive says that another new model currently included in the exhibit is a 1951 Porsche 356 SL Gmünd Coupe that had been prepped for the 1951 24 Hours of Le Mans. That alone would be cool, but this rare Porsche was actually the first factory entry into an international race. Furthermore, this little Porsche 356 won the dang thing. 

The list of crazy-cool and rare Porsches goes on

The Drive also mentions the 1.6-liter pushrod-powered 1964 356 “C” Coupe. As a 356 nut, I’d be happy to see any ol’ verison, but this ain’t just any ol’ version. This 1964 Porsche 356 was making 95 hp, which at the time wasn’t all that bad. 

Porsche 914 set up for racing with numbers and no roof.
Porsche 914 | Porsche Santa Clarita

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Another rare bird is this one of only 16 ever made 1948 Gmund Speedster reproduction made for Porsche ad campaigns in the 70s. 

Scroll through the photos at the Porsche Santa Clarita site, and you’ll see more images of things like a race-ready Porsche 914, a seven-figure 1955 Porsche 550/1500RS Spyder previously owned by Jerry Seinfeld, Modern racing 911s hoped up 1979 Porsche 935 racecar, and so much more.

The rare Porsche museum might be cool, but it’s also smart

This collection is really lovely and surely draws potential customers to hurry upstairs and join in the Porsche legacy by buying a brand-new  Porsche 911. 

Next time you find yourself roaming around the north of LA with a few hundred thousand to spend, hit the Wunderground before popping on a new Porsche.