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Modern cars have many new technologies, some of which drivers still try to figure out how to work. The use of car doors is fairly straightforward, though. However, the doors in your car have a secret feature that might surprise you: drain holes. While they are not technologically advanced, drain holes have a useful purpose.

What are the drain holes in cars?

View of a waterfall through an open car door, highlighting secret car door drainage hole feature
Waterfall view through a car door | Tim Trad via Unsplash

The drain holes prevent water from getting trapped in car doors and other parts of a vehicle. They allow water to drain out unimpeded. As detailed by, “water can get past window seals and inside the doors when it rains or when you wash your car. The water then “exits through drain holes.”

Drain holes are at the bottom of car doors, but they are in other locations of a car as well. states that “most vehicles also have drain holes in the rocker panels and rear quarter panels (the body section behind the doors of your car or truck) and other places that can clog, trap water, and cause corrosion.”

Check your car for clogged drain holes

Drain holes are effective at enabling water to exit a car. However, the drain holes can get clogged with gravel, dirt, and other road debris. When this happens, “water accumulates inside the door and causes rust.” With this in mind, it’s a good idea to occasionally check your car for clogged drain holes.

Drain holes are particularly prone to clogging in the autumn when there are many falling tree leaves and pine needles. Also, during the spring or times of heavy rain, water can flow “through your car’s unseen drainage channels carrying dirt and debris.” Additionally, some cars have rust issues because they have “too few drain holes” or small ones that clog easily and “require frequent draining either with water or some other cleaner.”

Usually, a high-pressure car wash should take care of unclogging your car’s drain holes. Checking drain holes is “not typically included in a professional hand car wash or car detailing.” However, this service is something that you can request. Also, you can unclog the drain holes in the driveway of your house with a “well-directed hose.” 

Additionally, you can “get down on the ground on your hands and knees and take the time to make sure each drain is clear of any material.” For drain holes that are stubbornly clogged, poke into the holes and clear out the debris with a “coat hanger, screwdriver, or similar object.” However, be careful not to scratch the paint near the drain holes.

TikTok video of a woman surprised by a drain hole in a car door goes viral


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If you’re surprised by the existence of drain holes in your car, you’re not alone. Recently a TikTok video of a woman surprised by a drain hole in a car door went viral, with over 23 million views. The video, filmed and posted by Sarah Blackbourn, shows water spewing out of a drain hole at the bottom of the door of her sister’s car after someone pulled out the plug. 

Blackbourn captioned the video, “This is my sister’s car that sounded like it had water in it! I had no idea!” During the video, someone says, “Please drain your doors. Drain your doors, people! Come on!”