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When you think of industry-leading boat manufacturers, you might think of huge off-shore companies or massive corporate conglomerates. But there is one boat maker that is the exact opposite. The Sea Hunt Boat Company is a father and son owned boat innovator and designer, based in South Carolina, that has enjoyed a view from the top for the past 12 years.

In a way, Sea Hunt has revolutionized the boating industry and carved out the perfect niche of clientele. We wanted to explore and uncover more about how this family-founded boating company continues to build its reputation as a quality boat maker, offering incredible value.

Sea Hunt is taking the boating community by storm

Imagine a one-room shop, where father Vic and son Bubba Roof began exploring their passion for building boats. It was 1995 then, and the two recognized the foundation of their reputation would be rooted in quality and innovation.

Fast-forward to today, and this 170,000 square-foot shop just outside of Columbia has found its niche and produces up to eight new crafts each day, with 220 employees.

Boat dealers love Sea Hunt boats and rarely have inventory leftover. The Sea Hunt team partners with 28 various dealer locations from Texas to Rhode Island and focuses on delivering precisely what those markets need in a seafaring craft.

Sea Hunt has maintained its great reputation for years all while only making center console style boats.

What water enthusiasts love about Sea Hunt boats

Sea Hunt doesn’t try to be all things to all boaters. Instead, the company focuses on delivering the unique center-console boat layout. It’s a boat that offers enough room to fit your family, while still being a functional fishing boat. This fresh concept continually sees new features and innovations, attracting both fishermen and families.

Originally targeting fishermen

It was a 23-foot boat design that launched Sea Hunt to success. It now offers sizes from 18 feet to 30 feet. According to Sea Hunt, the Gamefish line of boats is ideal for those offshore fishing enthusiasts. And the Triton line of Sea Hunt favorites is a fan-favorite for fishermen and women as well.

The BX series, which is also called the Bay Extreme line, is perfect for those who want a little extra seating while they drop lines in more shallow water conditions. But these crafts, despite being preferred among fishing communities, are also hitting home with many recreational fishing families.

Why Sea Hunt boats are great for families, too

Vic and Bubba Roof began their boat-building business because of their love of family and fishing. According to an article by Ocean Up, the company’s national sales manager, Robbie Coates, says Sea Hunt is so successful because it’s found a way to help families enjoy fishing together.

It’s a center-console boat that is conducive to accommodating families with children of all ages. There is more seating than traditional center-console boats and tons of storage.

Sea Hunt added backrests along the bows and incorporated smart use of bench seating in the rear. And another way this boat appeals to families is in its affordability and value. Browsing the new and used models on Boat Trader, price tags range from $14,000 to $195,268, meaning there could be a Sea Hunt boat out there to fit almost any budget.

Built on quality, right here in the U.S. with the vision of a father and son team who recognized the need for a comfortable family fishing boat, the Sea Hunt Boat Company continues to impress. With a reputation of reliable and functional boats, these boats to be number one in its industry and among boating enthusiasts and families.


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