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Imagine taking your Jayco camper out on the road. Whether it’s winter or summer, you’re glad to know the family will be nice and comfortable when they come inside after a day in nature’s elements. But then you realize that the windows seem loose. 

Press photo of the Jayco Reatta camper RV against a white backdrop.
Jayco Reatta | Entegra Coach/ Jayco, Inc.

If there is a chilly draft squeezing in through the failing window adhesive? Is the heat of the desert ruining your portable indoor oasis? Then your Jayco Brand RV might be affected by this RV window recall. 

Camper recall for Jayco brand RV window problems

According to RV Travel and the Nation Highway traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Jayco, Inc. (commonly known as the Jayco RV brand)  has issued a recall. This recall involves window problems in Jayco camper models of the 2019-2021 model years.

Anthem, Aspire, Insignia, Reatta, Cornerstone, and Embark RVs, or recreational vehicles, with Heher 6400-series windows are affected by this RV recall. Reportedly, the adhesive that “bonds the vented portion of the window may fail.” This means the windows may come loose or fall out of their frames entirely. 

The NHTSA recalls products due to possible danger of injury or a crash

NHTSA logo
NHTSA | Nation Highway Traffic Safety Association

According to the NHTSA, this recall issue could put RV owners and users at risk of injury or a crash, which could ultimately lead to a possible fatality. For this reason, the NHTSA finds reason to recall the affected products in order to prevent unnecessary incidents. 

What should I do if I think the RV recall affects my Jayco camper model? 

If you are a Jayco brand RV owner and you believe your model may be affected, there are a few different actions you may take. First, owners will want to contact the dealer and inquire after their particular model. Or, letters will go out to owners in order to notify them of potential window problems. 

Owners can expect the notification letters to go out August 16, 2021, according to RV Travel. There is also Jayco customer service that owners may call so that they may inquire after their particular Jayco Brand RV model. The number for this department is 1-800-283-8267, and the number for this specific recall is 9903569.  

How will the company fix the window problems? 

If your RV or Jayco camper model is affected, it will need to go to the dealer for inspection and repairs. If it proves necessary, the maintenance department at the dealership will replace the window vent. Owners will not have to pay for any repairs that fall under the specifications of this RV recall. 

For any additional information, owners are also able to contact the NHTSA Hotline. This number is 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153). Plus, there may also be information on the NHTSA website