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These days, RVs aren’t just for camping. In fact, plenty of RVers are remote workers. Others are simply living the dream, traveling across the country, and taking in the sights. Regardless of which, RV owners these days are often after things like RV WiFi. But is RV WiFi actually possible? And if it is, how can you get internet in your RV?

Can you get WiFi in an RV?

Yes, and there are plenty of full-time RVers with internet access too. In fact, according to The Dyrt Magazine, between different cell phone carriers, hotspot routers, satellite internet, and RV WiFi boosters, there are several options for keeping your RV connected. 

A man sitting inside of his RV, accessing RV WiFi via his computer.
A man works from an RV. | Kim Raff for The Washington Post via Getty Images

To figure out the best WiFi for your needs, The Dyrt Magazine recommends figuring out what you will use WiFi for most. Do you need internet in your RV so you can work remotely? Are you a full-time RVer that wants to stream Netflix? Do you need WiFi to find your next camping spot? Questions like this will help you determine the best RV WiFi solution for you.

The best RV WiFi options to keep you connected on the go

Now, there are several WiFi options to consider. According to Togo RV, if you only use the internet to check your email and do some occasional online shopping, you could get away with using campground WiFi or turning your mobile phone into a hotspot.

If you’re an RVer with a full-time job or if you see some Netflix streaming in your future, Togo RV suggests upgrading to a data plan with at least 100GB to 125GBs of data per month. The Dyrt Magazine also suggests adding a hotspot router to your RV.

You might want to consider satellite internet too, says Togo RV. “HughesNet is one of the best satellite internet options, but it requires a dish to be installed on your RV. If you plan on staying at a campground for weeks or months at a time, this could be a good option for you,” Togo RV explained.

An RV WiFi booster can help improve your RV internet 

Looking to improve your RV’s internet connection? According to Drivin’ & Vibin’, an RV WiFi booster might just be the answer to your prayers. These WiFi boosters do exactly what you’d expect too. 

According to Drivin’ & Vibin’, to use an RV WiFi booster all you need to do is install a device inside your RV that’s connected to the booster’s exterior antenna. Once it’s connected, the booster will amplify your RV’s internet connection. 

For some of the best RV WiFi boosters, Drivin’ & Vibin’ recommends checking out the Alfa Network WiFi Camp Pro, the Winegard Connect 2.0, or the King KF1000. Though the RV WiFi booster range in price, Drivin’ & Vibin’ reports that they’re worth the spend.

A woman in a pink dress stands in front of an RV at an RV campground.
Washington Post travel writer Andrea Sachs stands outside of her rented RV. | Julia Rendleman for The Washington Post via Getty Images

Finding an RV campground that has WiFi

Say you don’t want to upgrade your data plan and aren’t up for installing satellite internet in your RV. What then? For some full-time RVers, that means finding public WiFi. But for those looking to spend the week camping? That means finding an RV campground that has WiFi.

Fortunately, NADA Guides reports that plenty of RV campgrounds do offer WiFi. Some RV parks will offer free internet access while others will ask you to pay a fee for it. NADA Guides recommends checking what parts of the RV campground have internet access too, just in case there are areas of the campground that don’t have WiFi access.


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