RV Recall Alert: Jayco RVs May Catch Fire and Dealers Are fixing It With Plywood?

We love RVs here at MotorBiscuit. RVs rule because you get endless freedom to roam wherever you please while always having the food, shelter, water, and these days, damn near anything else you could ever want at your fingertips. However, Campers come with some added complexities and even dangers that you aren’t going to find in cars and trucks. For example, Jayco just issued an RV recall for certain models because they are in danger of catching fire due to their range-top stoves. Even worse still, the fix is just plywood. 

Jayco campers recalled due to fire. This is a photo of a recalled model, the Jayco Feather
Jayco Feather | Jayco

Another RV recall for Jayco 

Jayco recalled certain 2021-2022 Feather and Flight SLX travel trailers. RV Travel reports that the cooktop is installed in a cabinet that may not be adequately sealed from the furnace. As a result, during furnace operation, the interior range cooktop burner flame may invert, causing fires or even explosions. It is estimated that the camper recall may affect up to 2,047 Jayco campers

Jayco doesn’t have the best reputation for making high-quality RVs. In fact, many lists of the worst RVs or travel trailers to avoid often have Jayco represented. It doesn’t help its reputation when we seem to see RV recalls from Jayco often. Of course, every brand has lovers and haters, but Jayco campers seem to regularly get poor-quality reviews. But poor reviews are hard to avoid with a company that makes so many different types of RVs.

Seeing that the recall is due to a poor fitment issue aligns with what most owners complain about in owning a Jayco camper. 

How is Jayco going to fix the fire issue? 

Plywood. Yep, plywood. Jayco says dealers will install sealant and plywood panels as necessary and free of charge. Plywood panels and sealant don’t feel like the best way to prevent fires but, I’m not the one making campers. 

Even if this is the best fix we got, there is something upsetting about hearing a manufacturer say that it plans to fix a furnace/range stove with some plywood. It simply doesn’t feel good. 

Is the Jayco Feather a good RV, other than the whole fire thing? 

Camper Guide rated camper brands based on customer feedback and polls. Jayco landed on the list for consistently deriving poor-quality campers. Camper Guide says it like this; “Soon after buying it and after getting it home, you will realize that you paid for more than you should. Not because it looks terrible but because most parts do not function as they should.” 


What Makes the Jayco Jay Flight the Best-Selling Travel Trailer?

They go to say that owners report one problem leading to another. “It requires a lot of work once it starts malfunctioning. Water floods the interiors, and there are several missing fixtures.  There also are issues with the oven hood and the installation of the toilet seat, which is crooked.” 

To be clear, these refer to the RV recall issue specifically, and they still reference the issues around the oven and stove. 

What should you do if you own a unit affected by the Jayco RV recall? 

Owner notification letters are expected to be mailed on November 29, 2021. Owners may contact Jayco customer service at 1-800-283-8267. Jayco’s number for this recall is 9901571.  

As always, please take recalls seriously. Companies don’t issue them lightly.