RV Recall Alert: 2020 Issues Affect 1000s of Units

When you hit the road for a trip in your RV or camper, it’s important to know that your passengers and gear are safe aboard your rolling home away from home. Recalls are common in the automobile industry and RVs are not excluded. According to RV News, there have been not one but three recall alerts issued in July of 2020.

So, before you hit the road for the summer or purchase a used RV, it’s nice to know whether or not the model you’re loading up into has been affected by a recall. These July RV recalls affect various models, including Ram Promaster, Forest River, Keystone, Jayco, and Triple E units. NHTSA recalls may impact your RV.

RV recalls for Forest River, Triple E, and Ram ProMaster

July 6, 2020

For Forest River RVs, NHTSA issued a recall for specific 2020 Flagstaff, Coachmen Apex, Palomino, Rockwood and Sunseeker, Cedar Creek, and Columbus recreational vehicles. Additionally, some Real-Lite Truck Campers and Palomino soft and hard-side truck campers. According to RV News, there is a problem with frameless window glass adhesive failing and windows falling out. Also, there is possible incorrect federal placard information, as well as improperly vented furnace exhaust systems.

front angle of the Solis Camper built on a Ram ProMaster chassis
Ram Promaster-based camper | Winnebago

Triple E Recreational Vehicles is recalling some 2020 Wonder W24RTB, W24FTB, and W24MB motorhomes built on a Ford Transit chassis. A loose wiring connector may short and could cause a fire. This isn’t exactly what most have in mind when they think of fire on their weekend camping trip. For Ram ProMaster models, the side curtain airbags may not inflate in the event of an accident.

More Forest River RV recalls, plus Airstream and Jayco units

July 13, 2020

Airstream is a highly coveted RV brand. This summer, the bolts securing suspension spring may be too long. This may lead to the issue of bolts absorbing the load instead of the bracket, which could mean premature wear of certain Airstream RV parts.

Wonder RV
2020 Wonder W24RTB | RV USA

Jayco RV units are having problems with the brake hoses. Contact with fender liners could mean major problems related to brake function. Additionally, the leaf spring suspension is not providing enough support to affected Jayco RV models.

More Forest River RV units are also affected by this RV recall. There may be issues with appliances. A misdirected electrical current could damage the cooler or increase the risk of fire, according to RV news. There is also a risk of a punctured RV floor due to misplaced landing legs. Probably the most frightening of these issues is a drawbar and coupling fracture which could cause a trailer to detach.

Keystone, Jayco, and Forest River models recalled

July 20, 2020

There are Keystone RV models recalled for problems with antenna wing separation. This is a potential road hazard if it comes off. The NHTSA advises that this increases the risk of a crash.

Forest River travel trailer outside set up for camping
Flagstaff Travel Trailer | Forest River Incorporated

Some Jayco RV models, according to RV News, may experience an issue with the leveling system mounting bracket. A failed mounting bracket could mean contact with the ground. This might lead to a possible detachment of leaking fluids.

Another Forest River RV recall is also in effect for certain 2021 Riverstone trailers. An incorrectly wired generator prep could cause a back feed to the power cord. This could increase the risk of personal injury or property damage.


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What should I do if my Rv model has a recall?

First, you should contact your RV manufacturer. You can also check the VIN of your RV model on the NHTSA website. If your model is affected, directions are given as to how you can go about getting the issues resolved.