RV Driver Arrested After Insane Downhill Police Chase in Reverse

Seattle Police Department arrested an RV driver after an insane downhill RV police chase––in reverse. The man allegedly stopped his rig, then decided against surrender. He then began fleeing the cops in an intense downhill chase. After sideswiping another vehicle, the reversed RV hit a 79-year-old man who was subsequently hospitalized in serious condition, as reported by The Seattle Times.

“After crossing the intersection with Delridge Way Southwest, the RV sideswiped a tanker truck and then struck the 79-year-old pedestrian, who was hospitalized in serious condition, according to SPD.”

The Seattle Times

According to The Seattle Times, a man was driving an RV and “failed to properly stop at a stoplight.” Seattle Police Department began pursuit of the vehicle near Delridge Way Southwest and Southwest Andover Street at around 2:30 PM on Monday, February 15. However, the driver apparently had other ideas.

Seattle Police Department then pursued the driver downhill as the RV fled in reverse. In an attempt to evade arrest, a 47-year-old RV driver reversed after stopping. Rather than pulling over, the man reversed the RV down a steep incline as he sped westbound.

Downhill RV chase severely injures a pedestrian

We’d prefer to report that no one was injured. However, a 79-year-old pedestrian was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. As of this writing, The Seattle Times has not posted any updates on the man’s condition.

A 79-year-old man was seriously injured Monday after getting sideswiped by an RV driven in reverse by a man fleeing Seattle police.

The Seattle Times

Before hitting the man and––ultimately––crashing into a wall, the RV driver also hit a tanker truck. The RV in reverse also hit a building and an SUV after barely making it past a squad car. The chase resulted in the man’s arrest after making its way west on Southwest Andover Street.

the Seattle Police Department spaud car squaring off with the RV driver in the middle of the street
RV Police Chase | The Seattle Times

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RV police chase continues on foot

After crashing into a wall, the RV driver fled from the Seattle Police Department on foot. The RV chase abruptly ended in the driver’s arrest. Following his arrest, the police to the man into custody, according to the Seattle Times.

But in order to put yourself and others at risk like this someone must feel incredibly compelled to run from the law. What is the case in this story? What did the RV driver do?

The man was arrested on multiple charges

I doubt anyone following this story is shocked to learn that the RV driver was arrested on multiple charges. The charges include reckless endangerment and assault. The Seattle Police Department also found a felony warrant in the man’s name. The warrant was for vehicle theft, but the police suspected narcotics on the man as well.

“[The man] was booked into King County Jail on suspicion of vehicular assault, hit and run, illegal possession of narcotics and for his warrants, SPD said.”

The Seattle Times

And they were right. The officers succeeded in finding the narcotics they suspected. The police then booked the man into King County Jail.