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Owning an RV is only half the fun. The goal is to spend time in it. For many, this also means making it into something they want to spend time in. Whether you are traveling across the country or hoping to turn your RV into a home away from home, adding a personal touch will make the experience much more enjoyable.

This is not a new concept. People everywhere are tackling RV DIYs. Here are five RV DIY remodeling ideas that won’t break the bank and will increase the fun of your next RV trip and make it more enjoyable.

A person RV camping with the possibility of an easy DIY RV Renovation.
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1. Put a little paint on it

It is often surprising how much a little paint on the walls can transform any space. Whether you want to darken the color or brighten the area, it can give the whole space a completely different feel. Even going back with the same color can make it feel better, brighter, cleaner, and more perfect.

In your home, it is recommended you paint every three to five years to keep it looking great. Your RV deserves the same TLC. Best of all, you get to decide the colors you want on the walls, which can make it a space that you enjoy spending more time in.

2. Personalize the furniture

If you have an older RV or feel it’s necessary to cover up the old furniture, it may be time to rethink your sofa and chairs. Older RVs sometimes have ugly furniture and more. You can change it all without breaking the bank, especially if you are willing to be thrifty with it.  

Thanks to the popularity of tiny homes, furniture is now beautiful, space-saving, and functional. By upgrading and choosing furniture that suits you and the space it is in, you will feel more comfortable no matter where you end up traveling on your next vacation.

3. Add a backsplash in your kitchen as a RV DIY remodel

One RV DIY option is to add a backsplash to your kitchen. Virtually every home improvement store now has an affordable peel and stick backsplash that can brighten any area and make it easier to clean. It is also effortless to put up since most RV kitchens are on the smaller side. According to Outdoorsy, you should be able to complete this RV DIY project in about an hour.

4. Replace curtains and decorate your space

Your RV is a place you should love being in. For many RV owners, having personal touches is the key to success. Books you enjoy, photographs of your loved ones, and other decorative touches will quickly make it feel more like home. You should keep in mind that anything hanging up or sitting on a table may fall. Therefore, one great idea is to use sticker decals, perhaps from your travels, as wall art.

To further increase your comfort, you may also consider adding curtains. By adding or replacing your curtains, you improve the coziness of your RV. It will look a little more like home, which will give you the ability to relax a little easier.

5. Give countertops a makeover

Along with a small kitchen, there are usually very few countertops. What this means for you, is that this RV DIY remodeling idea will be one that is easy to take on. If you prefer to cut cost and avoid buying actual countertops, you can find countertop paint. All you need to do for this is tape off along the wall, or your backsplash, and paint granite, concrete, and more.

Final thoughts regarding your RV DIY remodeling


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Taking on an RV renovation is a lot different from remodeling your home. It is much easier and more affordable than you may think. It will also allow you to enjoy the freedom of the roads in a space that is truly yours in every way.