RV Awards Season: 2021 Luxury Travel Trailer of the Year

Travel trailers are a popular option for families to get away on an adventure but still have some of home accommodations. These vehicles provide an escape without dealing with crowded spaces such as airports, bus terminals, rail depots, or even hotels. Consequently, travel trailers’ sales, indeed sales of all RV variations, have been booming during the global pandemic lockdown. But, when people are spending so much money on them, knowing what a good trailer is is beneficial. That is why the RV industry gives out awards every year. This makes the good ones easier to spot. 

How do the RV awards work?

The 2021 Eagle 340DROK travel trailer RV by Jayco.
2021 Eagle 340DROK by Jayco | Jayco, Inc.

Like the respected and heralded car and truck of the year awards, the RV industry hands out their own accolades for each vehicle category. We have already covered the 2021 Class A, Class B, Class C, Entry-level Travel Trailer, and Mid-Priced Travel Trailers of the year. Today, we will cover the 2021 Luxury Travel Trailer of the year as awarded by RV News. These are travel trailers that are priced above $50,000. There are two winners in the top spot. 

2021 Jayco Eagle 340DROK

The 2021 Eagle 340DROK, by Jayco, was called out by the judges for its workspace provision. Many trailer manufacturers have focused on providing these areas for people working from home but want to travel. According to the judges, the Eagle 340DROK went, “beyond merely providing a desktop area or extended counter space; the den is a comfortable, spacious area where consumers easily can spend a full workday and not feel out of place.”

The master bedroom suite of the RV accommodates a residential queen size bed. However, a king-size upgrade is available. The master suite’s floorplan also has a master bath with a generously sized shower with a sliding glass door. A washer and dryer are also accomodated. 

The floorplan for the 2021 Eagle 340DROK travel trailer RV by Jayco.
2021 Eagle 340DROK by Jayco | Jayco, Inc.

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Four slide-outs in total are in this trailer. Two of the opposing slide-outs permit the extra space needed in the RV so that a residential refrigerator and a full-sized pantry can fit along with a center island. The Eagle 340DROK also has a fireplace, television, and a JBL sound system to round out the entertainment options. Finally, the judges liked that a second bedroom option is available to replace a tri-fold area. Overall, the trailer sleeps adults or as much as eight if small children are involved. 

2021 Keystone RV Outback 342CG

The Outback 342CG is a very innovative trailer from Keystone. It was made with wheelchair using RV enthusiasts in mind. This new floorplan boasts a low-angle ramp for ease of access and doorways that were widened. Cabinet doors were switched from knobs to handles, and protruding countertops were modified. Also, slide-out carpeting was removed for better wheelchair flow.

2021 Outback 342CG travel trailer by Keystone RV
2021 Outback 342CG | Keystone RV

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Additionally, the unit has a garage that doubles as bunk space and a dual airconditioning system that is ducted. The judges liked the luxury and open feel of the trailer. Nick Ebenroth, Outback Product Manager, said of the trailer,  

“We realize there’s never going to be an exact, perfect unit for each person, but we feel the floorplan changes made create an opportunity that people have never had in the past.”

The luxury travel trailer RV award

Overall, both trailers, the Eagle 340DROKfrom Jayco, and the Outback 342CG by Keystone, provide luxury appointments in their accommodations. Having a spacious feel is a hard thing to accomplish in the limited space a travel trailer has. Yet, these two RVs did exactly that, providing an open feel, while also incorporating a bit of richness in mind. Hence, these are the RV News Luxury Travel Trailers of 2021.