RV Awards Season: 2021 Class C Motorhomes of the Year

Every year the RV industry receives awards for different classes of vehicles. This is similar to the automotive industry annually receiving honors for the car and truck of the year. We’ve already covered the Class A and Class B RV winners. Today we dive into the Class C motorhomes.

What is a Class C RV?

A black and white RV sits on a shore line with the awning deployed on a sunny day.
The Fuse RV | Winnebago – Class C

Hundreds of candidates for the annual awards are considered by the judging panel. Those are then broken down into their respective classes and subclasses. The Class C motorhomes are built upon a truck or van platform. A custom rear section is then built upon the chassis to expand it’s dimensions a bit, unlike a Class B that maintains the conversion within a van’s body. 

Some of the classes within the competition were hard to break down to a sole winner. So, there are two recipients this year of the RV News 2021 Type C Motorhome of the Year award. This happens when “the best units’ overall looks, changes, and new innovations were so closely tied that singling out one unit over its peers in excellence would be mortally sinful.”

2021 Coachmen Prism Elite 24FS

The first Class C RV that received a call-out is the 2021 Coachmen Prism Elite 24FS. This coach packed many luxury features for it’s competitive $145,000 price point. The vehicle has a large overhead bunk, and an entertainment slide complete with a fireplace. That slide provides extra privacy for the bedroom area. 

2021 Entegra Coach Accolade XL

The second Class C RV to receive the “of the Year” accolade is fittingly named the 2021 Entegra Coach Accolade XL. This vehicle is built upon a Freightliner chassis and powered by a Cummins powerplant. The coach receives full-body paint available in four schemes. Inside the unit, porcelain tile and hardwood, high-gloss cabinetry lends to the feel of a high-end package. The judges said, “The interior says it all.” Sadly, the price point is not yet available as this is a new product that has not landed at dealer lots yet. Other Accolade models seem to range from an MSRP of around $170,000 to just over $250,000.


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The Prism Elite and the Accolade XL wrapped up the 2021 awards for the Class C RV category. Both of these units speak of luxury appointments and feel in the given space. They also speak of portability since Class C vehicles are a little easier to get around than towing a pop-up, travel trailer, or fifth-wheel. Think of them as a mobile headquarters or palace for your camping expedition. They are a place to get in from the elements, sleep in style, and be recharged for whatever outdoor activity awaits. Class Cs are also a way to travel without the need to separate once onsite or couple to travel. 

Tomorrow the next category to be discussed is the entry-level travel trailer of the year. Keep an eye out for that post. Also, for the unaware, MotorBiscuit is also found on Facebook here