RV Awards Season: 2021 Class A Motorhomes Of the Year

Like the car and truck awards that come out every year, the RV industry also has its own awards season. That season is right now. Earlier, the winners of the toy hauler, and class B categories were covered. Today, the winners of the 2021 awards for class A motorhomes are listed for you. 

How the class A motorhome RV awards are determined

This RV on a bus chassis is an Class A award winner for 2021
2021 Encore 375RB Class A Motorhome | Coachmen RV

Many RVs were evaluated by RV News to determine the recipients for the awards in each category. In some cases, as with the class A motorhomes, there were multiple winners for each category. This happens when, “the best units’ overall looks, changes, and new innovations were so closely tied that singling out one unit over its peers in excellence would be mortally sinful.” So, what follows is a listing of two gas and two diesel class A motorhome award recipients.

Best class A motorhome: Gas

Two features of the 2021 Coachmen RV Encore 375RB really stood out to the judges. The first is a large skylight in the living area. The second is a convertible bunk area. The convertible space can be switched into bunks, a home office, or a storage area. An upscale residential refrigerator and king bed are also nice touches.

The second recipient of the Type A Gas Motorhome Of the year award is the Forest River Georgetown 7 Series 32J7. This unit is shorter than some of its siblings and boasts of a 30-inch wide entry door. It also features a king bed with memory foam, washer and dryer, french-door refrigerator, and a large pantry. The judges liked the triple-slideout format, claiming they provide the needed space to make the floorplan work.


Best class A motorhome: Diesel

The first recipient of the diesel class A awards is the 2021 Fleetwood RV Discovery LXE 36HQ. The judges liked that this unit includes heated floors and a kitchen island. The anniversary edition of the RV also includes embroidered seating, a shower that sprays from the top and front, a central vacuum, a stackable washer and dryer, and a second awning on the passenger side.  

The second recipient of the award was the 2021 Newmar King Aire 4533. Diamond-gloss finished cabinets are eye-catching in this unit. The flank the residential appliances, including the french door refrigerator. There are also polished quartz countertops and leather seating. A residential king size bed is found in the master suite, and fully tiled walls and floors are in the bathroom, along with a washer and dryer. The judges described this unit as breathtaking and “the ultimate epitome of luxury.” 


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That sums up the 2021 class A awards. Of course, if anybody is considering purchasing an RV, always do due diligence. Take the time to research, ask questions, and evaluate the vehicle in-person to make sure it is the right fit for you, and happy hunting!