Rusty Monday: Will These Wrecks Find New Lease On Life In 2021?

It’s the new year and things couldn’t get any worse than they were in 2020. For Rusty Monday, we wondered if some of these abandoned gems would find 2021 as the year they get discovered and restoration begins? Many of the Rusty Monday subjects are just too far gone to bring back. But will these wrecks find a new lease on life in 2021?

A lot of criteria goes into starting a project-in this case it’s finding the right vehicle and then getting it for the right price. Some barriers to scoring a good start are if the owner ever wants to sell it. Many are “going to be restored someday,” is the common refrain. Be that as it may, let’s look at some candidates that could find rejuvenation in their future.

1968 Dodge Super Bee Coronet

Abandoned 1968 Dodge Super Bee | Facebook

This would be a score should it be found. The desirable Super Bee was a muscle car icon. This one looks like it has some rust in the quarters but if the frame is intact there is plenty of replacement sheet metal to fix this Bee. It looks very much intact so seeking out trim or other hard items won’t be a money drain.

1968 AMC Javelin

Abandoned 1968 AMC Javelin | Facebook

As with our previous candidate, this Javelin seems a likely starting point for a resto project. It looks both unmolested and light on rust. Even the sheet metal is straight and ready to go. These make fine road cars and if this one came from the factory with a four-speed so much the better. 

1956-61 VW 15-Window Microbus

Abandoned 15-Window VW bus | Facebook

A highly desirable 15-window that looks to be relatively free of rust and ready to go. Though missing an engine we’d bet the missing lid is around there somewhere. Complete with all of the aluminum ribbing, door handles, and even a taillight they don’t get much riper to restore. This VW is even rocking its original paint. Floors and rockers will probably need attention but this one is definitely worth saving.

1960 Chevy El Camino

Abandoned 1960 Chevy El Camino | Facebook

This was the last of the full-size El Caminos and actually the last El Camino until the Chevelle-based versions hit the scene in 1964. This one also looks very complete even down to the glass and trim. Even the tailgate looks fairly solid. We see maybe one speck of rust-through by the hinges. But there’s nothing we see a good body man couldn’t fix. 

1938 Ford Deluxe Tudor Sedan

Rusty 1938 Ford Deluxe Tudor sedan | Facebook

A complete and solid ‘38 sedan that looks to have some nice patina. Get the engine running, throw some blankets over the seats, and replace the broken flat glass and you’ve got a winner. The missing hood trim and headlight is easy with the number of restoration parts available for these V8 Fords. This could have come with the “economy” V8-60 or 85 hp flathead. Either way it’s a keeper.

1958 Customized Ford Ranchero

Wrecked 1958 Ford Ranchero customized | Facebook

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How about a custom Ranchero? This one has the fins extended and the top chopped. Way cool! Yeah, there’s some stuff missing, a bit of rust, and a few dents, but what a unique piece this would be. The hood is in the bed. If the doghouse is missing 1958 Ford sheet metal is easy to find. What might be hard is getting a cut down windshield. But being laminated it is easier to find a shop to do it. The rest of the glass is flat so that’s an easy fix. This Ranchero deserves to be brought back in 2021.