Rusty Monday: These Pickup Trucks Have Rusted Away To Almost Nothing

While all of our Rusty Monday pickup trucks are still recognizable, they’re rusting away faster than the Titanic. These are seriously rusted specimens of once trusty work implements. With lots of rust. Essentially, these pickup trucks have rusted away to almost nothing. 

Some of what’s left of the sheet metal has rusted away to just a thin veil of rust. Still, we marvel at how they have endured even as they blend back into the ground below them. We don’t know where these were photographed but we can at least identify them for your pleasure. 

1967-up rusty Ford F100 pickup

1967-up Ford F-100 | Facebook

This is one of the late-1960s F100 generations though we can’t identify the exact year. The hood is an amazing specimen of the rigors of rust. In spite of it being a top surface, it is almost gone, as is the cowl, fender, and upper door. And this is only what we can see. And note the ground below the truck, as it takes on the look of rust that is headed back from whence it came.

1916-up rusted Dodge Brothers truck

1916-up Dodge Bros. truck | Facebook

That headlight bar indicates this is a 1916 or later dodge Brothers truck. Sometimes these were sold as chassis cabs with just a cowl. The rest of the body would have been made by a local wooden body maker. It’s hard to say what kind of body was attached behind the cab. It is pretty amazing that this has survived over 100 years and there is still so much of it left. 

Rusty 1933 Ford closed-cab pickup

1933 Ford closed-cab pickup | Facebook

Ford was still making both roadster pickups and closed-cab trucks like this one. A lot of times these had their doors torn off and were used in orange or apple groves. So while there are still cabs that pop up doors-especially driver’s side doors demand more money. This truck was retired before it could be converted to hydraulic brakes based on what we see of the suspension. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be much that is salvageable though much of the truck is sitting there.

1950s Holden Ute

1950s Holden Ute | Facebook

From down under comes this wasted Holden Ute. Utes were what became Chevy El Caminos and Ford Rancheros here. They’re car-trucks. What’s amazing is that the entire bottom half of the Ute is just gone-rusted away into oblivion. And fairly cleanly we might add. We don’t know why it is saddled onto a trailer but somebody feels it is worth saving for something. Yard art, maybe? Or there might be some salvageable pieces somewhere in it. But whatever it is it isn’t going to ever be restored-it’s just too far gone.

1958 or 59 Dodge D100 Sweptline pickup

1958-59 Dodge D100 Sweptline pickup | Facebook

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First appearing in 1957 you can tell it’s a 1958 or 59 by the indent for the dual headlights. Dodge two-door station wagon quarter panels were welded to pickup beds to create these stylish and rare trucks. They’re the only finned pickup we can think of. Never sold in big numbers they’re highly collectible today for their rarity and oddness. And coolness, too. This one looks to be good for some parts but that unique finned bed is wasted. Rust in peace!