Rusty Monday: Still More Wasted 1st Gen Camaros

When you see images of desirable vehicles like these first-gen Chevy Camaros rusting away it makes you wonder. Why do these owners cling to these cars? If they have been owned for a certain time and there’s no money and motivation to have your dream why not pass it along? Before it turns into a Camaro as we see here. It’s that conundrum that those who actually can start and finish a project will never understand.

Anyone that has finished a project is well aware of the obstacles to finishing

Not the finished part. Anyone that has finished a car project is well aware of the obstacles to finishing a car project. We get it. The problem that isn’t understood is once the car starts returning back to earth isn’t it time to get it into the hands of someone who can return it to its former glory? Otherwise, it becomes a rusted heap of red dust and rubber tires. 

Whatever the circumstances, you’re going to want to be sitting down when you catch a gander of these once mighty first-gen Camaros now languishing away. Will they ever be restored? Naw!

Chevy made more 1969 Camaros than any other first-gen year

Rusty 1969 Camaro | Facebook

Chevy made more 1969 Camaros than any other first-gen year. That’s because it wasn’t quite ready to sell the 1970 Camaro when October 1969 rolled around. But that was OK for Camaro lovers because the 1969 Camaro is considered by many to be the most collectible and beautiful of the slew of Camaros made. 

So production of 1969 Camaros continued until November 1969 when the tooling was ready for the all-new 1970 Camaro. All other 1969 Chevys started production in August 1969. While there are many that survived this is one that won’t make it. This 1969 Camaro looks to have been almost complete when it landed here. But the elements have taken a huge toll. 

Rusty 1969 Camaro | Facebook

The quarters have been eaten and we would assume the floors are almost gone. So, too is the trunk lid slowly returning to Mother Earth. Surprisingly, those doors and other bits might possibly be salvaged for another project. With the snow scattered around this and the other treasures we can see are disguised in the winter by snow, and summer by leaves and snakes. 

Rusty 1969 Camaro | Facebook

Snow and snakes make this an iffy proposition. But there is that period around the beginning of spring when the snow is melted but the snakes aren’t about that you could give it a shot. Unfortunately, we have no idea where this is. Nonetheless, happy hunting. 

Another metallic blue Camaro, this one is a 1968

Another metallic blue Camaro, this one is a 1968. You can tell from the side marker lights and lack of wing windows. The one-piece glass is due to the new Astro Ventilation. This one looks to be in restorable condition. Unfortunately, the cat on the roof would lose its perch, but it can find another warm place to sun itself. The thing about this particular relic is that if it is exposed too many more years to the elements it won’t look like this. 

Rusty 1968 Camaro | Facebook

So now is the time for something to happen to this fine example of 1968 Camaro goodness before it’s too late. It looks to be almost rust-free which is amazing just sitting out in the weather. Equipped with the 327 ci option, it would be quite a score with a factory four-speed. We figure it has the three-speed Turbo 350 automatic transmission.

This Camaro looks like a prop

Abandoned white Camaro in Joshua Tree, Ca | Facebook

Rusty Monday: Cars Rusted Beyond Recognition

The setting looks like Joshua Tree in Southern California, and the Camaro looks like a prop. We have no idea if this was set up or is of an actual abandoned 1969 Camaro. Whatever the circumstances the Camaro looks highly restorable. But with air in all four tires, it looks a little bit fake to us. There also would be issues with removing the car if it is indeed Joshua Tree as everything is federally protected, even abandoned cars. 

Keep in mind that there are probably still a gang of Camaros scattered around waiting to be scooped up. This white 1969 Camaro might be one of them. Keep those peepers open and cell phones ready to call in your friends for some help. Keep coming back to Rusty Monday for more sad, rusty tales of cars you want but instead are being retrieved by Mother Earth.