Rusty Monday: Smashed But Saved-So Far

We mostly stay true to the title of these dives into rusty derelicts, but we’ll deviate this week with Rusty Monday. These are derelicts for sure, but they are also more smashed with rust. You look at some of these and wonder how that happened? They’re smashed but saved-at least so far. Maybe they’re parts cars or maybe there is some intrinsic value? We’ll probably never know but it’s worth pondering the rusty possibilities. 

1953-56 Ford F100 Pickup

Rusty Monday 1953-56 Ford F150 | Facebook

Obviously, a large tree did this F100 in. It hit in such a way we can’t tell which year this is. It is a 1953-1956 pickup for sure. But the windshield and top profile are now gone leaving us to guess its year of making. Based on the paint this looks like it was a nice driver. Now? Hopefully, there are enough good parts to be the basis for a replacement.

1969 Chevy Z/28 Camaro

Rusty Monday 1969 Camaro | Facebook

Based on the Facebook post this is a legit 1969 Z/28 based on its VIN number. At least what’s left of it. And yes, plans are to restore it. Sometimes, though, even if it is given to you for free the cost and labor would far exceed what it’s worth. Whether labor of love or determined enthusiast, the owner doesn’t want to get buried in cost for his Z/28 project

Plymouth Duster

Rusty Monday Plymouth Duster | Facebook

How did this poor Plymouth Duster get like this? Or is it a Dodge Demon? We see lots of rust but is that why the A-pillar is gone? And it looks like it has been stripped clean so why is it still in repose? At least some of its parts will hopefully keep a running Duster running a lot longer. That’s the most you can hope for when cars have deteriorated to this extent. 

1957 Chevy Bel Air

Rusty Monday 1957 Chevy | Facebook

With a top from a wreck, it almost looks like this could be revived. That’s probably why it’s parked beside this house. It’s waiting for a new top to continue serving its owner. It looks fairly complete and the few bits that are missing we would bet are laying inside. They don’t look especially critical for getting this heap back on the road. We’ve seen beautiful projects that have started off with much worse.

1948 Tucker

Rusty Monday Tucker | Facebook

Yeah, this is the real deal. Or at least what is left of it. That’s a Tucker front end. As we understand, the car was involved in a bad accident that destroyed much of the sedan. But the front end was salvageable so it was kept. It has since been used to repair another Tucker that was destroyed in a front end collision. We believe there was more than just this front clip that survived. With Tuckers going for over $1 million, how much would you say this hunk of Tucker junk is worth?

1958-60 Ford F100

1958-60 Ford F150 | Facebook

Rusty Monday: These Pickup Trucks Have Rusted Away To Almost Nothing

Something fell hard onto this pickup. Hard enough to destroy the top and shive the cowl down into the frame. Looking at the door alignment, or lack of, this pickup won’t be back on the road. But there are some goodies extant that are probably the reason it is still around.