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Getting involved in motocross and enduro motorcycles isn’t the only new initiative Triumph is bringing this year. So far, the British company has announced plans to develop an electric motorcycle. It’s also launched the 2022 Speed Triple RS, its most powerful three-cylinder bike yet. And now, Triumph is bringing in a new partner from outside the motorcycle world: Swiss watchmaker Breitling.

Triumph and Breitling are partnering up for some limited-edition motorcycles and watches

The black-and-silver 2020 Triumph Daytona Moto2 765 Limited Edition on a rear-wheel stand on a racetrack
2020 Triumph Daytona Moto2 765 Limited Edition | Triumph

In the past, Triumph has released several limited-edition motorcycles on its own. The prize for the first-place 2021 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride fundraiser, for example, was a one-off Thruxton RS. And there’s also the motosports-inspired Daytona 765 Moto2 Limited Edition sportbike.

A customized motorcycle, won’t be the only thing to come out of Triumph’s and Breitling’s new long-term partnership. Given that Breitling is a watchmaker, the two brands are also collaborating on a limited-edition timepiece. The Swiss company’s CEO Georges Kern says the watch and bike will feature “purposeful engineering paired with modern retro designs.” And when it comes to retro motorcycles, few do it quite like Triumph.

This won’t be the first motorcycle-inspired watch, Breitling or otherwise

While it might seem odd that a watchmaker like Breitling is teaming up with a motorcycle company, it really isn’t. Several high-end watch brands have established histories of collaborations with bike and car companies.

TAG Heuer, for example, has released several watches inspired by the Indy 500, where it’s served as the official timekeeper since 2004. Also, its Monaco watch became a style icon when Steve McQueen wore it in Le Mans. And it’s currently teaming up with Porsche to release a line of driver’s watches. Road & Track describes that partnership as “a ‘duh’ on paper,” seeing as both companies have models named ‘Carrera.’

The silver-cased black-and-gold-dialed Breitling Premier B01 Chronograph 42 Norton with a brown-leather strap
Breitling Premier B01 Chronograph 42 Norton | Breitling

Moving to the two-wheeled world, Swiss brand Tissot and German brand TW Steel are heavily involved in motorcycle racing, Cycle World reports. Both watchmakers have sponsored racers and released limited-edition models in their honor. Tissot also served as MotoGP’s official timekeeper. Plus, to mark the 60th anniversary of its first World Championship Grand Prix victory, Honda Racing partnered with Casio on a limited-edition chronograph, RideApart says.

As for Breitling, its partnership with Triumph isn’t the watchmaker’s first motoring team-up. It’s not even the Swiss company’s first motorcycle collab. In 2018 it produced several special-edition watches with British bike brand Norton, Cycle World notes. And Breitling timepieces have appeared in and been inspired by several modern Bentleys.

When can you buy these limited-edition bikes and watches?

A black-silver-and-red 2021 Triumph Thruxton RS on display at the Breitling Boutique in Hamburg
2021 Triumph Thruxton RS on display at the Breitling Boutique in Hamburg | Triumph

As of this writing, neither Triumph nor Breitling has released any specific details about the limited-edition motorcycle or watch. However, it’s worth noting that Thruxton RS bikes are appearing in select Breitling boutiques as “inspiration.” So, that might be a clue as to the limited-edition bike’s ethos. And as for a potential price, the cheapest Breitling watch costs $3750, and the Thruxton RS starts at $16,200. In short, prepare your wallet.

But potential buyers won’t have to wait long to catch a glimpse. The companies plan on unveiling both the bike and the watch “sometime in early 2022,” RideApart reports. And if you miss your chance to snag either, the partnership might not wind down immediately. Though buyers might want to get in line soon—the clock’s ticking.

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