Rumor: 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser Special Edition by Gazoo Racing Is Coming

Despite getting discontinued for the U.S. market, the Toyota Land Cruiser lives on for the rest of the world with an upcoming 2022 model. However, while this large Toyota has previously stuck exclusively to off-roading, a new rumor suggests it may branch out. In fact, Gazoo Racing is reportedly working with this large SUV to create a sporty model. However, we don’t know if this will be on or off-road performance.

The rumor comes to us via CarBuzz. However, leaked design sketches show this might be far more than just a rumor. However, since even the standard model is surrounded by plenty of mystery, a new performance variant could bring major changes.

Is the Toyota Land Cruiser going high performance?

An image of a Toyota Land Cruiser outdoors.
Toyota Land Cruiser | Toyota

If this latest Toyota Land Cruiser rumor turns out to be true, it definitely might add extra performance. However, as CarBuzz points out, there are two ways this Gazoo Racing-developed model could go.

The first is focused toward on-road performance. Since a good chunk of these off-roading SUVs live their entire lives on city streets, this could make sense. According to CarBuzz, this route could see the off-roader get larger wheels and tires as well as new aerodynamic elements throughout.

The second route could involve some serious off-road performance. If this is the case, the large off-roader could benefit from reinforced off-roading components. In fact, CarBuzz estimates that this variant would likely feature smaller wheels and larger tires. Given this model’s history, this is likely the more probable of the two potential routes.

Regardless of the model, CarBuzz estimates that the new Toyota Land Cruiser will feature the twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 out of the Lexus LS. In total, we’re looking at around 420 hp and 434 lb-ft of torque.

When will the all-new 2022 model arrive?

An image of a Toyota Land Cruiser outdoors.
Land Cruiser | Toyota

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If you’re waiting on the 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser to arrive for the U.S. market, it’s best to give up hope now. That’s because the Japanese carmaker pulled the plug on this off-roader last year due to poor sales. However, it seems its Lexus counterpart will live on into the future. We know this because the carmaker hasn’t officially announced its cancelation. However, expect that variant to carry a premium.

If you’re one of our few international readers, there’s good news for you. The arrival of the 2022 model appears to be right around the corner, says Motor1. While the original rumored release date was supposed to be sometime in April, this unveil got delayed. While we don’t have exact dates, it likely won’t be delayed for long.

How much does a Toyota Land Cruiser cost?

An image of a Toyota Land Cruiser outdoors.
Land Cruiser | Toyota

If you want to buy a Toyota Land Cruiser in the U.S., you still can. However, this off-roader carries a massive price tag. Pricing starts at $85,665 for the standard model; however, the unique Heritage Edition commands $87,995. Aside from its respected off-roading prowess, there is another reason why these SUVs are so expensive.

Part of that price tag comes down to outright build quality. The Japanese carmaker has repeatedly bragged about how most of the components that go into this off-roader are designed to last 25 years. As a result, you pay a lot upfront, but it lasts decades.