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In general, the S197 generation Ford Mustang, starting in the year 2005, is one of the more affordable ways to get into the iconic pony car lineup. However, it’s certainly not a secret that special variants of a Ford Mustang can stir up quite a price. Of course, the S197 GT500 models can fetch a pretty penny. However, they aren’t the only super potent versions of the S197 to come out of the early 2000s.

This Roush 428R Mustang coupe is one of only 200 ever built

Red 2008 Roush Ford Mustang 428R Supercharged Coupe front 3/4
2008 Roush 428R | Cars and Bids

This rare piece of S197 Mustang history is currently for sale on Cars and Bids. It’s a 2008 Roush Mustang 428R coupe. If you aren’t familiar with it, we don’t blame you; there are only 200 of them in the world.

Under the Roush 428R’s hood is the same 4.6-liter V8 you’ll find in a standard 2008 Mustang GT. However, what you’ll also find is a shiny Roushcharger branded supercharger with an accompanying intercooler and intake system. Additionally, a Roush-tuned engine control module controls it all. These additions bump the Mustang’s power to 435 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque. That’s quite a substantial jump from the standard 2008 Mustang GT’s 210 horsepower. Best of all, it’s putting all that power to the rear wheels through a five-speed manual transmission.

Roush supercharged 4.6L Ford V8 engine in 2008 428R coupe
Roushcharged 4.6L V8 | Cars and Bids

Of course, as with all Roush Mustangs, it’s loaded with far more than just extra horsepower. It features a full Roush suspension setup with front and rear strut and spring upgrades, an anti-wheel-hop kit, and upgraded sway bars. Additionally, it has a custom four-piece body kit.

Inside, it features custom red and black leather upholstery. Each of the seats has Jack Roush’s signature embroidered on them. Furthermore, the inside features unique pedals, gauges, door sill plates, and a short shifter, all from Roush.

How much is a Roush 428R Mustang?

2008 Roush Ford Mustang 428R Supercharged Coupe Black and red leather interior
428R red leather interior | Cars and Bids

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It’s hard to say exactly what this beast will sell for. Streetside Classics recently had a black 428R listed for $41,995, and it’s now marked sold. However, that particular example had far fewer miles.

The one on Cars and Bids has 76,600 miles. While that isn’t all that many for a car from 2008, it is likely a bit higher than many collectors will want to pay top dollar for. Additionally, it has a few modifications that might drive the price down slightly in purists’ eyes. That seems a bit ironic, given the nature of Roush, but we digress.

It has 20-inch Niche wheels and aftermarket head and tail lights. Additionally, the hood, doors, and roof have matte black vinyl wraps on them, and the windows, headlights, and tail lights all have black tint. Finally, it has an A-pillar gauge pod and an aftermarket Sony stereo head unit.

At the time of writing, the auction sits with just a $5,000 bid. However, it’s safe to assume this Mustang will fetch north of $25,000 when the hammer finally falls. Even at that price point, though, it seems like a relatively decent deal. It’s a lot of car for the money! Plus, its added rarity might just make it a valuable collector’s item someday.