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Even when celebrity Robert Pattinson isn’t cruising around in the new Charger-based batmobile, his life is V8-powered. The international movie star bought a used 2001 Chevy Silverado on to carry his bicycles, and years later he is still driving it. The leading man loves his truck so much, that when strangers offer to buy it he still says no.

Robert Pattinson bought his 2001 Chevy Silverado used

Back in August 2012, Robert Pattinson went on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The finale of his Twilight Saga was already out in a limited number of theaters. But the international movie star didn’t start by talking about his movie; he began the interview talking about his truck.

He admitted to Kimmel, “I have a couple of cars.” Then he told his Silverado story. Because Pattinson is into bicycling, he began to hunt for a truck to transport his bicycles to the trailhead. He settled on a used 2001 Silverado pickup truck in the spring of 2012. Several months later he had already decided it was a “solid car.”

The ‘Batman’ and ‘Twilight’ star won’t sell his pickup truck

From time to time, fans spot Robert Pattinson driving his red Silverado around Los Angeles. In 2022, he told GQ, “I still have the same 2001 Chevrolet Silverado pick-up with a hole in the door that I’ve had forever.”

The truck’s paint is beginning to peel, its headlights are faded, but it just keeps going. What’s more, Pattinson’s love for it seems to be growing. He extolled its virtues to GQ:

“It’s the most reliable car I’ve owned in my life, it’s so fun to drive, so bouncy. When I pull up alongside gardeners they always try to buy it off me. Valet parkers have to put in (sic) the space in a fancy restaurant normally reserved for a Rolls-Royce because they can’t fit it in a garage.”

Robert Pattinson

Pattinson’s also been spotted in a vintage Chevy Nova and a BMW 3-series

Publicity shot of actor Robert Pattinson dressed in jeans and a suit jacket, the daytime skyline of a city visible behind him.
Robert Pattinson | Don Arnold/WireImage

Robert Pattinson has been a leading man in countless movies since Twilight launched him into stardom. He is rumored to be worth millions of dollars. He can certainly afford a newer Silverado or even a luxury car. But obviously leather seats and Apple Carplay aren’t important to the actor.

When Pattinson is not driving his Silverado, he favors vintage sports cars. Paparazzi have photographed the star driving a 1963 Chevrolet Nova. This classic car actually aligns with his take on Bruce Wayne: in The Batman, the billionaire vigilante drives a classic split-window Corvette Stingray when not in his batmobile.

Pattinson also seems to enjoy Radwood-era sports cars. Paparazzi have snapped him driving a 1989 BMW 325i convertible. Overall, his taste in vehicles is both immaculate and relatable.


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