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Electric vehicles are trickling into the market, and there’s been a substantial buzz about upcoming truck contenders. It’s hard to tell just how well these vehicles will perform for work and lifestyle. As for the Rivian R1T and Tesla’s anticipated Cybertruck, here’s what we know.

Challenges with next-gen electric trucks

We don’t have all of the details for models just yet, but all EV truckmakers face a few common challenges at the design table. You may assume electric trucks will have greater payload and towing. But, we’re learning that extra weight comes back into play when hauling excess battery power.

The heavier capacities equal bigger batteries. We also see common concerns about off-roading challenges. There won’t be charging stations in many popular remote areas. It’s also going to eat up extra battery range to climb tougher terrain.

A closer look at Rivian R1T

This is a ground-up company with engineering strength among its ranks from the big three manufacturers. These top designers are bringing the Rivian R1T to life. The vehicle will be larger than mid-size trucks and slightly smaller than the half tons.

Consumers can expect a quad motor AWD with up to 750 hp and 829 feet of torque. This combination will allow for an impressive zero to 60 takeoff in roughly three seconds. We expect a 14.1 ground clearance and a potential towing capacity of 11,000 pounds. Rivian R1T production is anticipated for next year, with hopes of market release later in 2020.

What Elon Musk says to expect from the ‘Cybertruck’

This truck is scheduled to unveil on November 21, 2019 in Los Angeles, near the SpaceX factory. There have been countless renders online, and it’s expected to be late to the EV truck stage. So far, popular opinion is that Ford, GM, and Rivian will release their trucks first. Here’s what we know from Elon Musk so far.

  • Musk says everyone should be able to buy a powerful truck for under $50,000. There is speculation the initial price tag will be around $49,000.
  • Elon told the public to expect AWD with independent motors per axle.
  • Expect what Elon calls a dynamic suspension, designed to adjust according to the payload.
  • He once tweeted it would be able to tow 300,000 pounds.

Does the Rivian R1T or Tesla truck have a better range?

One question from experts and consumers involves expectations regarding battery ranges. So, does the Rivian R1T and Tesla’s Cybertruck have a better range? Right now, it’s a close call with Tesla leading by a few miles.

The Rivian R1T is boasting a 400-plus mile range, which is anticipated on its largest of three battery sizes. It will offer 105-kilowatt, 135-kilowatt, and 185-kilowatt battery selections. Elon Musk reports that his EV truck will offer 400-500 mile range, with a full charge on its top-level trim.

It’s hard to say which vehicle will be better. Many online reviews cite that no matter how capable these trucks end up being, they may fall exclusively into the lifestyle truck category. Those in the business of working with their trucks as tools may find it hard to give up their gas and diesel engines.

For now, we will just have to watch and wait to see how consumers feel about the new electric trucks. It’ll be a race to market, and we expect great things from these top contenders.