Rivian Configurator: Build Your Own R1T Electric Truck

Good news, the Rivian configurator is finally up. The arrival of the brand’s two new models, the R1T and R1S have been hotly anticipated by both journalists and the consumer alike. Now, we’ll finally have some concrete pricing on both the R1T and R1S models. Moreover, we finally know what specific extras will cost.

How much is a fully loaded Rivian?

The Rivian R1S in Forest Green seen at the NY international auto show
Rivian models won’t come cheap, for now | Michael Brochstein via Getty Images

The Rivian configurator has finally given us the answer to that question. A fully loaded Rivian R1T will run you $103, 675. Yeah, that’s a lot of money. Then again, Rivian is competing with the empty space that should be occupied by the Tesla Cybertruck. So, regardless of price, I’d say the R1T is pretty damn competitive considering it’s alone in the luxury electric truck segment.

However, there’s a lot you don’t need on the R1T. When I visited the Rivian configurator, I left quite a lot off. In fact, I opted to save myself $99,875. Yes, all $99,875 of that is “fluff.” It’s stuff you and I don’t need. For example, I chose not to opt for the $2,500 Compass Yellow paint. I saved a thousand bucks and got the cooler Forest Green option. I also skipped the matching green interior for another $2,500. Finally, I skipped the bike and surf racks, you can get those later for cheaper.

Get a kitchen included with your electric truck

Rivian's R1T truck in forest green with a roof tent and fold-out kitchen
The kitchen attachment is incredibly innovative | Rivian

However, there is absolutely some stuff you should get that we didn’t know about. First of all, the kitchen. Yes, kitchen. Rivian brilliantly uses the extra space offered in their behind-bed gear tunnel to store a compact, fold-out kitchen. It also comes with a full set of utensils and cookware. You might say it comes with everything but the kitchen sink, but the brand includes a compactable one of those too. It’ll run you $5,000, but it’s the most innovative feature I’ve seen on a car in a long time. Maybe ever.

Of course, you’ll also want the tent. It can be had in yellow (yes please) and says “Rivian” on the side. I know firsthand these suck to install, so shell out the $2,650 and let CEO R.J Scaringe do it for you. However, it’s important to note that the tent goes over the bed. Unfortunately, that eats into your bed space a little. No word on whether you’ll be able to mount the tent on the roof instead.

Functionality sells cars, not options

The bed of the R1T electric truck
$87,000 gets you a lot of truck, and a lot of range | Rivian

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Regardless, Rivian has chosen functionality to sell its cars, not gimmicky options. Customers can expect delivery in January of 2022, and if reviews are anything to go by, they’ll be well-received. Moreover, each of these things are items I know I would use in the real world. Camping is a religion here in Colorado, and Rivian just started selling bibles.