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Other electric trucks are finally arriving to battle the Rivian R1T. While the R1T was the first option to hit the streets, now the Ford F-150 Lightning and GMC Hummer EV are here to compete. While each truck has beneficial features to consider, the Rivian R1T has practical advantages. 

What makes the Rivian R1T the best electric pickup truck? 

2022 Rivian R1T best eletric truck
2022 Rivian R1T | Rivian

According to Auto Blog, the Rivian R1T is the best electric truck because it has practical advantages thanks to its size and unique features geared toward outdoor adventuring. The R1t Is a bit smaller than a full-sized truck. 

It has a narrower stance and a shorter length making it easy to maneuver in tight city areas and on off-roading trails. We spent time in the Ford F-150 Lightning, and it’s impressively huge and fast. However, it’s not exactly agile. 

The F-150 Lightning has a 23.9-foot turning radius, and the R1T has a turning diameter of 45 feet, which can be broken down to a turning radius of 22.5 feet. You can take advantage of the Tank Turn feature to turn on a dime as well. 

The GMC Hummer EV has a 44.3-foot turning diameter that breaks down to a 22.5-foot turning radius. It has a Crab Walk feature to help it move from side to side too. However, it weighs 9,063 lbs. 

It’s hefty for off-roading. The R1T rings in at 7,148 lbs, and the Ford F-150 Lightning tips the scales at 6,015 lbs. 

What are the unique R1T features? 

The Rivian R1T stands out by genuinely being different. It has a gear tunnel behind the cab that spans the entire width of the truck. It’s 5.3 feet long and features 11.3 cubic feet of cargo space. 

It’s lined with durable rubber materials to hold items such as muddy boots and snowboards without them sliding around. Plus, it’s waterproof and can be accessed on both sides of the truck. You can access the tunnel from the cab too. 

The doors on each side hold up to 300 lbs, making them useful for holding gear while camping. The tunnel can be equipped with a fold-out camping kitchen that includes a cooktop with two electric burners, a four-gallon water tank, a sink, and a 30-piece cookware set. 

It doesn’t prevent access to the 120-volt and 12-volt outlets found inside. Also, it leaves room for more cargo storage. 

Plus, there’s a rechargeable flashlight embedded in the door, a Gear Guard security system, a waterproof bracelet for unlocking, a hidden trunk in the truck bed, a center console Bluetooth speaker/lantern, and a built-in air compressor. 

How much range does the R1T have? 

Red Rivian R1T Fording Through Deep Water
Red Rivian R1T Fording Through Deep Water | Rivian

The Rivian R1T has an EPA-estimated 314 miles of range. The standard-range Ford F-150 Lightning has about 230 miles of range, and the extended-range model has up to 320 miles of range. The GMC Hummer EV has a GM estimated range of 329 miles. 

You can tow up to 11,000 lbs with the R1T, 10,000 lbs with the F-150 Lightning, and up to 7,500 lbs with the GMC Hummer EV. 

Both the R1t and Lightning can replenish their battery charge from 10 to 80 percent in about 45 minutes. The GMC Hummer EV promises to add about 100 miles of range in 10 minutes. 

We’ve towed with the F-150 Lightning and watched its range drop. We also struggled with long charging times. We need to see how the GMC Hummer EV and Rivian R1T perform. 

However, while each electric pickup truck has impressive features, the Rivian R1T seems to have the advantage. It has a more practical size with unique, convenient features.