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Will rising gas prices in America be the final straw for gas-powered vehicle lovers? It’s no secret that there are many advantages to owning an electric vehicle. EVs are cheaper to own than gas-powered vehicles when it comes to refueling. They may soon be cheaper to purchase, thanks to federal tax credits and local incentives. Gas prices are pushing drivers out of gas-powered vehicles and into new EVs.

Kiss high gas prices goodbye with EVs

A customer prepares to pump gas at a Shell station
Shell gas station | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

For decades Americans have found common ground complaining over gas prices. Gas prices are one topic that we can all agree on in these divisive times. Folks will frequent certain gas stations that are further away just to save a few cents per gallon. Why? Because those cents add up to major dollars at the pump annually.

Electric vehicle charging eliminates gas pricing issues. The fueling process may be much slower at times, but ultimately EVs save money, and gas-powered vehicles burn it. Owning a big pickup truck with poor fuel economy often feels like throwing your paycheck into a paper shredder when at the pump.

Gas prices in America don’t seem to be falling anytime soon. Thanks to the economic crisis created by the pandemic, America is primed for inflation. Everything from a gallon of milk to a gallon of gas can and will increase in price. According to Road Show by CNET, more Americans are choosing EVs over gas vehicles than ever before.

Electric vehicle ownership offers a life raft that can be deployed from this sinking economic ship. The stigma about EVs being boring and impractical is now dead, thanks to models like the Ford Mustang Mach-E. Frankly, there has never been a better time to purchase a new EV because of low prices and tax incentives. If saving the world wasn’t enough of a sales pitch for you, maybe saving yourself from burning cash at the pump will make you a believer.

Why are gas prices so high now?

Gas prices are displayed at a pump
Prices are up across the nation | Ben Hasty via Getty Images

In 2020 gas prices in America dropped to historic lows because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic. Today they have reached record highs because of the Colonial Pipeline cyber attack, surging demand, and inflation. The cyber attack may have been months ago, but the country saw how vulnerable our gas supplies were. The imagery of $7 gallons won’t leave the minds of consumers anytime soon.

The pandemic created an economic rollercoaster, and while we may have averted a jobs crisis for the time being, the cost of goods has increased. Emission, drilling, and production restrictions have also made gas more of a rarity in states like California, driving the prices further up. The conditions for gas prices in America to stay at a steady incline are set perfectly.

Where are gas prices highest in the U.S.?

States like Utah, Oregon, Nevada, and Washington have high gas prices, all coming in at 40 cents above average per gallon in America. California has the nastiest gas prices averaging over $4.00 recently. As emission restrictions become more common and gas prices in America rise, the idea of EV ownership will only become more appealing. Will you be making the switch to electric?


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