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While thousands of people wait for their Ford Bronco models to arrive, one owner took their 2021 Ford Bronco for a swim. The innocent Bronco is totaled after sitting in a frozen river for three days. 

Owner ruins 2021 Ford Bronco in an icy river 

2021 Ford Bronco sinking in a river
2021 Ford Bronco in the river | Bronco 6G

According to The Drive, an innocent 2021 Ford Bronco model drowned. We will administer a moment of silence for this totaled SUV. This story has to hurt people still waiting on their Ford Bronco models to arrive after multiple delays. 

While the Bronco is an incredibly capable off-roading machine, it was no match for the half-frozen Ohio river just east of Cincinnati. A Kentucky driver decided to ignore a road-closed sign during a snowstorm and disaster followed. 

The area received multiple inches of ice and snow before the incident, causing the river to rise several feet. As a result, the river looked like an ice-covered path that was safe to traverse, so the Bronco owner thought they could make it.

Then the Bronco broke through the ice and sank. Water almost covered the entire roof, and ice blocked the doors. The driver and passenger had to remove the top and climb out before swimming to shore. 

Luckily, no one was hurt. However, the Bronco was stuck in the icy river for three days after almost being completely submerged. The flooded Bronco is totally ruined. 

Would the Bronco Everglades help? 

The 2021 Ford Bronco model that sank wasn’t equipped for aquatic adventures like the new Ford Bronco Everglades model. But the Everglades Edition wouldn’t help in this situation. It can ford water up to 36.4 inches deep. 

That’s only up from 33.5 inches with the regular Bronco. Also, the water was deeper than 36.4 inches. The Everglades Bronco would have sunk too. So, please do not ignore road closure signs! 

Also, driving through a river at night isn’t a good idea. Avoid fast currents and muddy substrates. Always inspect and measure any water crossing before setting out. But to be fair, the owner of the sunken Bronco thought he/she was on the road instead of the river. 

The Everglades can help you safely traverse wet, swampy areas. It even includes cutouts behind the fenders that help measure water crossings with a built-in ruler. The intake snorkel supplies the engine with clean air, and the inlet can face forward or backward based on your needs. 

How long is the Bronco wait? 

Desert Sand 2022 Ford Bronco Everglades fording through water
Desert Sand 2022 Ford Bronco Everglades | Ford

Ford is no longer taking reservations for the Bronco. You can use the Bronco configurator to build your ride, then contact a local dealership for ordering and timing estimates. The ballpark estimate is about six months to a year. 

But the Ford Bronco could be subject to delays due to the ongoing semiconductor chip shortage and equipment delays. So, if you have yours already, please don’t ignore a road-closed sign. It’s a rare SUV for you to enjoy. 

We will keep an eye on Bronco availability. You could find a canceled order at your local dealership, but it could have a high markup. When your Bronco finally arrives, remember its limits. They can’t swim!


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