Rion RE90 Racing Edition: The Bugatti of Electric Scooters

For city dwellers that don’t need a car, a scooter can be a perfectly sensible and fun form of transportation. There are so many electric scooters currently available on the market with various power outputs, battery range, and pricing that it can be hard to pick the right one. But if money is not an option, and you need an electric scooter and don’t know which one to choose, then we suggest getting the Rion RE90 Racing Edition, because it’s the “Bugatti of electric scooters.”

The Rion RE90 makes scooters look cool

We know that you might be thinking that scooters aren’t cool, but the Rion RE90 is such an extreme performer that it will most likely change your mind. Rion, a high-performance electric scooter that is based in LA, even proclaims the RE90 as the “World’s Fastest Hyper Production Scooter,” a title that not many can claim or probably even knew existed. But what makes it so fast? Let’s take a closer look.

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Rion RE90 | Rion

A little bit of carbon fiber and a whole lot of power

For starters, the RE90 is lightweight compared to rivals like the Dualtron X. While most electric scooters can weigh 60 pounds or more, the Rion RE90 undercuts the competition by tipping the scales around 59. That might not sound like much, but keep in mind that it’s not a car, but a platform on wheels with nothing but a handlebar to hold on to.

The lighter weight is achieved through the use of a carbon fiber body and front fender, sub-aluminum front, and rear arms, as well as a carbon fiber pole and handlebar. Just like in cars, having a lightweight chassis on a scooter can mean the difference between being a “fast scooter” and being a “hyper scooter, but that’s only part of the equation.

Powering the RE90 is a pair of motors that are powered by a 96.6-volt lithium-ion battery that houses 30 21700 super high capacity rate cells and is controlled by an in-board mini-computer.  There is a battery management system that produces 600 amps per channel and when it’s time to bring everything to a halt, stopping duties are taken care of by dual hydraulic disc brakes that are clamped down on by Magura carbon calipers. And let’s not forget, the RE90 connects to the pavement by none other than PMT racing slick tires, because anything with tire tread would just hinder performance.

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Rion RE90 Racing | Rion

So how fast is the Rion RE90?

Have you seen those Bird scooters that people like to rent and ride around town? Those top out at around 19 mph, while many other fast scooters can get up to 40 mph. However, the Rion RE90 tops out at over 100 mph, but sadly, it’s governed to only get up to 80 mph. That’s insanely fast considering that you’re on a scooter with nothing between you and anything else that could possibly run into when riding this thing. If you need a better frame of reference, here is a video where a YouTuber races it against a Bird scooter:

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Not for the faint of heart, especially when it comes to the price

As you can imagine, the Rion RE90 is an intense performer and should most likely only be ridden with proper protective gear. Getting up to 80 mph, or even 50 mph, on a scooter is no joke and one wrong move could even prove fatal. And if those speed figures don’t get your heart pounding, then the price of the RE90 might. It costs $6,800, and that’s without the $300 for shipping.

If it’s any consolation, each RE90 is handmade and takes around 90 days to build and ship to you. If that’s not a true testament to quality properly matched up with outright performance, then we don’t know what is. A Bugatti, perhaps?