Ringbrothers to Defend Builder Crown, If SEMA Actually Happens

Ringbrothers is an automotive custom shop based out of Wisconsin. In recent years the company has received a lot of praise for the builds that they bring to the annual SEMA show in Las Vegas. In fact, last year, they were the champions of the Battle of the Builders competition, which is awarded during SEMA. This year they plan on going back to defend their new title.

A yellow custom DeTomaso Pantera driving down a coastal road.
A custom DeTomaso Pantera created by builders Ringbrothers | Ringbrothers via Automotiverythms.com

The Battle of the Builders competition

According to the SEMA website,

“SEMA Battle of the Builders® is a competition that recognizes and celebrates the accomplishments of SEMA vehicle builders. Featuring customizers with a car or truck on display at the world-renowned SEMA Show, the competition shines the spotlight on the amazing talents and craftsmanship of builders who have already proven themselves by being a part of the premier automotive trade event in the world.”

The 2019 show was the sixth year of the Battle of the Builders. At that show, Ringbrothers brought a classic 1969 Chevrolet Camaro. As part of the competition, the Camaro was judged by the builders and voted best Hot Rod from among 300 entrants. It also won the best overall build.

Not a stranger to SEMA

It was not the first time Ringbrothers had been to the SEMA Battle of the Builders finals. They also brought a 1965 Mustang Fastback that they entered into the competition in 2015. It made it to the top 10. In 2016, they had another two cars that made it to the top 10, a 1969 Camaro, and a 1948 Cadillac. 

The 2020 SEMA Battle of the Builders competition

This year SEMA has made it clear that they are moving forward with the plans for the SEMA activities. Although, the whole COVID-19 global pandemic is at play right now. So, there is some skepticism if the activities will actually happen. For now, though, Ringbrothers is planning on returning with another custom build. 

A custom, charcoal colored 1965 Ford Mustang is parked on the pavement. This car was taken to the SEMA show.
A custom Ringbrothers 1965 Ford Mustang that they call Espionage | Ringbrothers via Motor1

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What Ringbrothers is bringing this year

In a recent video chat with one of the hosts of the show that covers the Battle of the Builders, Adrienne Janic was able to speak with the two brothers, Mike and Jim Ring. She asked them about their return this year. They replied that they are bringing a vehicle to SEMA. It will be entered into the Battle of the Builders. They will attempt to defend their title with a 1972 K5 Blazer, which is a departure from the muscle cars they have entered in previous years. 

A custom gray Chevy Chevelle is parked with the headlights on
The Ringbrothers Chevy Chevelle called Recoil | Ringbrothers

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Ringbrothers is an organization that knows how to build top-notch, award-winning builds. Should SEMA actually happen this year, the Blazer they bring will certainly be a jaw-dropping build whether they win the Battle of the Builders or not. The problem is that the other builders are incredibly talented as well. Even Chip Foose has been amongst the contenders in previous years. So, it is tough to be an overall winner in the competition when everybody that enters is at the top of their game. It should be a fun competition to watch unfold.