Rimac Nevera Is Reportedly the World’s Quickest Production Car

As more and more automakers are participating in the EV scene, they are pushing the technological limits barring them from widespread appeal in the past. Now EVs are steadily becoming lighter, faster, and more powerful. Included among these are electric hypercars, which pack so much power they seem almost unreal. The Lotus Evija achieved nearly 2000 hp in 2019, and many more hypercar models have followed suit. Recently, the Rimac Nevera made headlines as it became the fastest production car in the world. Read on to learn more about the company behind the vehicle, Rimac Automobili, the Nevera’s record-breaking speeds, and its price, specs, and features.

Rimac Automobili as a company

The Rimac Nevera model on a racing strip
The Rimac Nevera model | Martyn Lucy/Getty Images

According to Rimac, the company defines itself in this way: “We design, engineer and build the most advanced automotive technology possible. From developing and manufacturing era-defining hypercars to inventing and building ground-breaking new technologies.” The company was founded in 2009 and named after CEO and founder Mate Rimac. After an engine blunder in a race, he decided to build his own electric cars. Eventually, it grew into a full-sized business and is well-known across the world today.

Since then, the company has dealt more with conceptual cars and prototypes than production models. Its cars have had only minimal production runs. For example, Rimac only produced eight of its Concept One vehicles, which sold for over a million dollars.

The Rimac Nevera is the fastest production car in existence

Among Rimac’s accomplishments is the new Rimac Nevera. According to Evo, the car recently made a pass of about 8.5 seconds for a quarter-mile run, with the car reaching an astounding 167.51 mph. This makes it the fastest vehicle that will be available for purchase. Currently, the vehicle is in a prototype phase and is set to release later this year.

Rimac Nevera price, specs, and features


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Such a powerful vehicle, however, doesn’t come without a steep price tag. According to MotorTrend, the vehicle will cost over $2.4 million. Some of this is on account of its raw power, and some of this is based on its rarity. Rimac will only sell 150 Nevera vehicles in the world. While more than its Concept One model, it’s certainly still a limited release. Other limited-release EV models, such as the special edition 2022 Toyota Supra, will sell 600 models.

In terms of specs, the vehicle certainly doesn’t disappoint. It has a massive 120 kWh battery. For reference, many standard EVs have a capacity of 50 kWh. Most EVs don’t reach above 100 kWh. According to Find My Electric, a Tesla Model S battery can cost anywhere from $12,000-$15,000, and the model only has 85 kWh capacity. It seems that much of the large price tag on the model is consumed by the battery.

Another factor contributing to the price is the generous amount of carbon fiber on the interior and exterior. Carbon fiber is a woven material that’s more powerful than steel but significantly lighter. A vehicle incorporating carbon fiber allows it to take full advantage of the hp and go as fast as possible. The weaving process makes the material quite costly, and as a result, it’s associated with luxury vehicles.

As for its motor, there isn’t just one– there are four. Together, the motors achieve 1,914 hp, which is significantly more power than typical vehicles need on the road. The Rimac Nevera can also reach a maximum speed of 258 mph. The motors are arranged so that there is one per wheel, contributing to the record-breaking speeds the Nevera has achieved thus far.