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The deeper we get into our world of excess, the more people have seen the value in ridesharing and renting. The idea that you rent something for a specific purpose as opposed to buying more and more is not only a decent personal philosophy; it’s also a great business plan. The folks at Riders Share took that idea to the motorcycle rental marketplace. With the growing interest in outdoor adventures, Riders Share just added dual-sport motorcycles to their service!

off-road rider tearing it up with a dual-sport
Dual-sport | Drew Ruiz

Off-road motorsports are one of the fastest-growing marketplaces

Motorcycles are one of the most fun things we, as a human race, have to offer. However, they aren’t always the most practical mode of transportation. This can make it difficult for many folks to prioritize spending the money to buy and maintain one. This is doubly true for off-road-focused machines. 

Riders Share is a service that connects motorcycle owners who want to rent their motorcycles to vetted riders looking for a set of wheels. Not only is this clearly a killer idea, but it has also proven its worth by becoming the largest motorcycle sharing marketplace. The motorcycle rental service is now expanding to include one of the fastest-growing outdoor activities.

“We are really excited to be able to offer adventure and dual-sport motorcycle rentals on the platform, especially since the adventure motorcycle market is one of the fastest-growing segments in all of motorcycling,” said Guillermo Cornejo, CEO of Riders Share and avid motorcyclist. 

“There is something uniquely American about getting out on a motorcycle and exploring nature, so we are happy to help make it more attainable for users across the country.”

Riders Share goes off the grid 

Riders Share image of someone riding a dual-sport off-road
Dual-sport | Drew Ruiz

In a timely turn of events, the folks at Riders Share just announced that the peer-to-peer motorcycle rental service is now including off-road machines. The off-road segment of the motorcycle world has blown up since the onset of COIVD-19. The lockdowns and need for social distancing have pushed more and more people into the wilder places of the world. 

We have seen this trend with camper vans, boats, and off-highway vehicles (OHV) like ATVs, dirt bikes, and dual-sport motorcycles. The addition of dual-sport motorcycles to the Riders Share services is a strong move given this ballooning interest in off-road adventure motoring. 

How is Riders Share different than other rental programs?

Like Airbnb or Turo, Riders Share gives its customers more than just a bike to rent. Because of the peer-to-peer aspect, the selection of motorcycles is far more exciting than an average rental joint. Secondly, because the bikes are owned by individuals, the machines themselves are carefully tended to by the owners. 

Riders Share’s selection spans the newest models from BMW, Ducati, Honda Husqvarna, Kawasaki, KTM, and Yamaha for customers to choose from. The motorcycles can be rented on a one-off basis from the site or utilizing the “Rider Pass” subscription. This is an industry-leading monthly subscription for discounted rides across the motorcycle rental marketplace.

The off-road motorcycle market is full of potential 

Riders Share is wise to take advantage of the off-road motorcycle rental potential in America. This country has more than 985 million acres of public and nearly 500,000 miles of public trails across the United States. Many riders are working hard to spread off-road riding curtsies, awareness, and conservation tactics. However, there is still a lot of work to be done to maintain these wild places. 

If we continue to push people into these wonderful and wild places, maybe more people will see how special the wilderness is, and we can work harder together to better maintain and honor our beautiful trails. 


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