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The 2023 Audi A3 is available now, and with it comes a handful of updates to keep in mind before you hit the lots. The new Audi A3 features trim level updates and more standard equipment, while remaining an affordable entry point into luxury driving. There are some updated tech features in the latest A3 as well. All of this comes together to make the new A3 a good value. That said, there are some drawbacks to the newest Audi A3 that give us some pause.

The 2023 Audi A3
The 2023 Audi A3 | Audi

Full exterior LED lighting is now standard

These days, automotive lighting is both a design element and a safety feature. Fortunately, the 2023 Audi A3 makes its signature LED lighting package standard on all models. Not only do these LED headlights look great around town, but they cut through the darkness to enhance nighttime driving safety.

Both the headlights and taillights get the LED treatment, improving visibility in all directions. The Matrix-style light design is still reserved for top-trim A3 models. However the standard LED setup is still both stylish and potent.

Say goodbye to the Prestige trim

Perhaps the biggest update to the 2023 Audi A3 is the loss of the top-tier Prestige trim. For the new models, A3 buyers will have just the Premium and Premium Plus trims to choose from. That said, those top-tier features have been scattered among the remaining A3 options.

The interior of the 2023 Audi A3
Interior of the 2023 Audi A3 | Audi

Premium Plus A3 models will now get the LED interior lighting package along with adaptive cruise control. That adaptive cruise system can also be added to the base A3 as an ala carte option, if desired.

Wireless phone charging now available

A new Convenience Package now includes a wireless phone charger as well. This pairs with the now-standard wireless smartphone integrations. Keeping the clutter of cables out of your cabin is now easier, but it will come at a cost. According to Autotrader, the Convenience Package is a pricey add-on at nearly $2,000. Other Convenience Package options include proximity key, blind-spot monitoring, and Audi Park Assist.

Cons to the updates in the 2023 Audi A3

While the lack of a Prestige trim is a disappointment, those features are still available within the A3 lineup. That said, that does mean the price of the 2023 Audi A3 is higher than in years past. Both the Premium and Premium Plus trims cost nearly $1000 more than they did one year ago. We’re also not a fan of the toggle shifter, so seeing that remain through the latest update is a letdown.

Is the 2023 Audi A3 still a good choice?

With its latest updates, the 2023 Audi A3 still proves to be a good value for the money. Even with the Convenience Package tacked on, you can get into a top-spec A3 model for less than $45,000. For that, the A3 packs a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine making 201 horsepower with Quattro all-wheel drive.

Other surprising standard features include the digital instrument cluster and built-in navigation, plus voice-activated infotainment. Together with the standard luxury features, the Audi A3 is still a good value for a compact luxury sedan. However, there are some competitors that may make more enticing choices.

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