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Revealed: 2021 Nissan Titan Warrior Takes On Raptor and Ram TRX

Remember the Nissan Titan Warrior concept? If you don’t you are excused as it was from 2016. It debuted at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show and looked like a great truck that would pump some life into the Titan name. We waited and then forgot about it as just another Nissan good idea gone to waste like the IDx. We won’t go there. Now, Nissan has dusted it off and the Titan Warrior will get built to take on the Ford Raptor and Ram TRX.

Originally it was expected to make its production debut later this year as a 2021 model. But the COVID-19 crisis killed it. Now, here we are just a few months into the pandemic with no end in sight, and Nissan has rethought its decision. It will now produce the Warrior to take on Ram’s TRX and Ford’s Raptor. 

The Warrior always seemed like a good idea

Nissan Titan Warrior concept from 2016 | Nissan

The Warrior always seemed like a good idea. And as these more intense off-road-inspired trucks add an aura around their pedestrian siblings it becomes a marketing tool. A Titan is a Titan is a Titan. But now, a Titan is also a Warrior. 

The Nissan Pathfinder and Murano are powered by a new 3.5-liter V6 engine. Rumors are that Nissan is looking at it to create a twin-turbo powerhouse for the Warrior. It would put out just under 300 hp with tweaks for a bit more grunt. But Nissan has more options. 

The top-of-the-line 5.6-liter V8 could see a heavy massage butting heads with the Hellcat engine in the TRX. Power would be sent to all four corners with a seven-speed automatic. The good news is that Nissan can go with either as the Raptor validates the V6 in this segment. A V8, however, is the old school way to win hearts.

Inside, the Titan still holds up, but it could use a bit of freshening

Nissan Titan Warrior concept interior from 2016 | Nissan

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Inside, the Titan still holds up, but it could use a bit of freshening. The Warrior featured a much more lavish interior. We could see Nissan taking cues (that’s partly what concepts are for) to make it a real jump up from the existing XD-trim. Supposedly, the dashboard will see numerous changes with both cloth and leather available. 

Based on the concept the Warrior will probably feature carbon-colored high tolerance fabric or leather. Magma orange will be featured as highlights throughout. Carbon fiber panels with chrome trim will uniquely highlight the Warrior inside. 

Nissan says it will pick up on most if not all of the Warrior concept features

Nissan Titan Warrior concept from 2016 | Nissan

Outside, Nissan says it will pick up on most if not all of the Warrior concept features. That includes the flat LED lighting. Also featured will be the blacked-out grille, integrated rear spoiler lip, blacked-out LED taillights, Magma Orange accents, and 20-inch alloy wheels with off-road tires.

Nissan is looking to launch the 2021 Warrior by the end of this year so it looks like the delay will not alter the timing much. Everyone has their version of the Raptor, even Toyota with its TRD line of trucks. If Nissan wants to stay in the pickup truck game it needs this. We’re glad it is back on the front burner.