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As an iconic SUV, the Ford Bronco certainly falls at the top of many lists. And once Ford decided to revive this iconic nameplate, older Bronco models saw a bit of a resurgence in the hearts of auto enthusiasts. Now, it looks like the blue oval is hoping to capitalize on that nostalgia with the introduction of the 2023 Ford Bronco and Ford Bronco Sport Heritage Editions. 

The 2023 Ford Bronco family brings a welcome surprise

When Ford reintroduced the Bronco for 2022, it was done to quite a bit of fanfare. Not only is there a legitimate off-road SUV, but there is also the Bronco Sport which is better for daily use. There are a variety of powertrains that are available, as are modern features, bringing this classic SUV into the automotive world of today.

The new Heritage Edition and Heritage Limited Edition models can be had on the 2023 Bronco and the 2023 Bronco Sport. And that means you can get a piece of the past reimagined. While for the most part, these are just cosmetic upgrades, it’s hard not to imagine them being a hit. 

What is the 2023 Bronco Heritage Edition?

The Bronco Heritage is a unique take on the modern Bronco. Both two- and four-door 2023 Bronco models will get a pretty neat change to their design to make them appear more vintage. Changes include a two-tone paint job as well as changes to the Bronco script on the grille. 

The Ford Bronco family shows off its new Heritage Edition.
2023 Ford Bronco | Ford

Additionally, Bronco models with the Heritage package will get wider fenders to call back to the Broncos of old. To take things to the next level, limited edition Broncos will even get plaid seating. And that will certainly take the vintage feel to the next level. 

Better yet, the Heritage package can be had on a variety of Bronco models. Including those that are equipped with the seven-speed manual transmission. 

What is the 2023 Bronco Sport Heritage Edition?

Not everyone wants a full-blown SUV. And that is where the Ford Bronco Sport comes in. The Bronco Sport wasn’t around in the 1960s, but Ford is still giving it the vintage treatment. For buyers who want the Heritage package, they will need to opt for the Big Bend trim. 

A 2023 Ford Bonco Sport Heritage Edition shows off its two-tone paint job.
2023 Ford Bronco Sport | Ford

That means you will get the more powerful engine that generates up to 250 horsepower and 277 pound-foot of torque. The Bronco Sport Heritage Edition will start around $34,000, while the Heritage Limited will have an MSRP of $44,655. 

Is the Ford Bronco going vintage?

According to Edmunds, orders for the Heritage Bronco are already open, and it has a distinctively vintage feel about it. From the white roof to the plaid seats, you can get the style of a vintage SUV with the reliability of a modern model. 

Both the 2023 Ford Bronco and 2023 Ford Bronco Sport can benefit from this package, but they are available in limited numbers. So if you want one, you may want to act quickly to secure yours.


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