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Electromagnetic radiation from a 2015 Nissan Leaf is the basis for a lawsuit. It claims his 2015 Nissan Leaf has electromagnetic radiation. Because of what he alleges he blames the manufacturer of the Leaf “for permanently damaging his health and for destroying his family and career, not to exceed $10 million.”

What is the electromagnetic radiation doing to him?

A silver 2021 Nissan Leaf parked
2021 Nissan Leaf | Nissan

He says that prolonged driving caused him serious health issues according to carcomplaints. Because you’re essentially sitting on the batteries the suit alleges low-frequency electromagnetic radiation slowly escapes into the driver’s body. Safe electromagnetic radiation leaks are considered safe at 2 mG (milligauss), he alleges the leak is above safe levels. 

Measuring the milligauss release here is what has been released so far. On the driver’s floor, it reads 9.2 mG. At the top of the seat, it registered 5.3 mG. The passenger floor shot up to 13.1 mG, with the top of the passenger seat hitting 4.9 mG. 

The back row floor hit a whopping 31.3 mG. At the top of the rear seat, the monitor saw 4.5 mG, while at the back-row/top of the elevator panel it hit up to 12.6 mG. “Towards the end of January 2017, the plaintiff had a difficult time distinguishing what was real and what was not, and as a result was terminated from his job. On January 25th, Plaintiff was hospitalized with the inability to hear and speak. Going forward, Plaintiff kept suffering physical and mental symptoms and his marriage fell apart as his wife filed for divorce on April 15th, 2017.”

Every time he drove his Leaf his symptoms worsened

The Nissan Leaf is on the Consumer Reports Best Deals list
The Nissan Leaf | Nissan

Working at the computer was no longer possible. The plaintiff says it took him years to get his life sorted out “where he can function in society.” Every time he drove his Leaf he noticed that his symptoms worsened.

Symptoms included chest palpitations and facial tingling including pressure on his cheeks. He says it felt like his cheeks were going to collapse into his face. There were also breathing difficulties. 

The lack of shielding for the radiation has caused numerous health issues

A silver Nissan Leaf EV charging
Nissan Leaf | Getty Images

The plaintiff now suffers from chest pains, heart palpitations, low energy, insomnia, ringing in the ears, and facial tingling. His mind also wanders and sometimes he loses the perception of time. Not being shielded from the EMF radiation is the cause he says. 

The plaintiff also wants to start a non-profit public awareness company for the purpose of educating people about long-term exposure to low-frequency EMF radiation. He says the radiation can come from unshielded electronic devices. These would include electric cars, cell phones, microwaves, high voltage power lines … etc.” 

This lawsuit was filed in Georgia.


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