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A Toyota Camry Hybrid is a fuel-sipping mid-size sedan with the potential to tick all of your boxes. However, many potential owners are worried about the replacement battery costs for a Camry Hybrid. So, is replacing a battery in the hybrid Toyota Camry model that expensive? Also, is it worth it?

How much is it to replace a battery in a hybrid Camry?

A new battery replacement for a Toyota Camry Hybrid could cost as much as $5,000, depending on the model year and supplier. While that might seem like a deal-breaking expense, it is a much more affordable proposition than replacing your late-model Camry Hybrid entirely. 

A Toyota Camry Hybrid sits on a hybrid battery and gas platform on a stage.
Camry Hybrid | Toyota

Still, J.D. Power says that in addition to a new replacement power pack worth thousands, some owners can opt to prolong the life of their current battery. That, or drivers can opt for a reconditioned or second-hand battery, which carries the risk of improper operation or costly warranty issues. 

How long do Camry Hybrid batteries last?

Depending on the model year and condition, a Toyota Camry Hybrid’s battery life could be three to five years or as much as 100,000 miles. Modern Toyota hybrid models use lithium-ion battery packs, which last much longer than the average ICE car’s lead-acid battery.  

A replacement Toyota hybrid battery sits along a floor pan.
A Toyota hybrid battery | Toshifumi Kitamura via AFP via Getty Images

However, several conditions will affect your battery’s lifespan. For instance, cold weather or damage could significantly shorten the longevity and effectiveness of your hybrid battery. 

Can I replace my hybrid battery myself?

While it is entirely possible to replace your hybrid’s battery yourself, you should consider an important factor. Hybrid and fully-electric vehicle (EV) batteries utilize high voltage connections that could pose an electrocution risk if improperly handled. 

It’s always a good idea to leave any maintenance involving high-voltage components to trained professionals. 

A blue Toyota Camry Hybrid shows off its rear-end styling.
Camry Hybrid | Toyota

How much is a used Toyota Camry Hybrid?

A used Toyota Camry Hybrid’s value depends on its age and mileage. For instance, a 2015 model has a fair value of around $15,003, per Kelley Blue Book (KBB). For a model from that timeframe, the average mileage is 102,909 miles.

However, an older Camry Hybrid, like a 2009 model, could cost an average of around $8,000. Still, with an average mileage of well over 100,000, a used hybrid model may be in need of a battery replacement or refurbishment. 

Is it worth replacing a hybrid battery?

For most hybrid owners, replacing a battery could be much more affordable than replacing a vehicle with a used model or buying a new variant. However, with replacement batteries costing $3,000 to 5,000 or more, getting a hybrid back on the road isn’t a cheap undertaking. 

Would you bother replacing the battery in your Camry Hybrid? Share your thoughts in the comments below!