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There’s not a single state in the U.S. where you’re allowed to drive without car insurance. These policies give you the peace of mind that medical bills and expensive repairs will be covered after a collision. In addition to the minimum required insurance, comprehensive coverage is recommended to cover vehicular theft and deer-related accidents.

Of course, purchasing multiple car insurance policies will make your monthly premiums more expensive. We’re here to tell you a few ways to save money on your coverage. Renewing your policy early is one of the easiest.

What happens when you don’t have car insurance?

Money you being counted that could have been save by renewing your insurance policy early.
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If you’re caught driving without car insurance, your first fine probably won’t be less than $100. It’s also likely that your license will be suspended if you can’t provide proof of insurance a few days afterward. In some states, your vehicle can also be impounded after you’ve been pulled over.

Repeating offenses or getting into a severe accident without insurance can also put you behind bars. Even if you only get into a minor accident, a judge can fine you and have your license suspended for up to two years. Any other drivers can also sue you for vehicle damage and medical costs.

It’s a good idea to renew your car insurance early

Some drivers unknowingly drive without insurance simply because they forgot to renew their policies. That’s why Allstate says you should continue your policy early whenever possible. Many auto insurance companies will also give you a discount for renewing your policy early.

In Allstate’s case, you’ll save 10% off your monthly premiums if you sign up a week in advance. Most auto insurance companies also offer you a discounted rate if you pay your premiums semi-annually instead of monthly.

Other ways to save money on car insurance


5 Reasons Your Auto Insurance Could Increase

Just like your insurance premiums will rise after an accident, having a clean driving record will save you money. Many companies like Progressive allow drivers to participate in telematics-based driving programs for insurance discounts. If you choose to enroll, you’ll get a device installed in your car that monitors your driving habits.

You’ll get insurance discounts if you adhere to the speed limits and avoid hard braking or acceleration. These programs aren’t permanent, and most of them end after six months. Discount amounts vary by program, but Progressive says that most Snapshot drivers save $156 off their insurance policies.

Auto insurance providers will also offer discounts if certain safety features are installed. More standard driver’s aids protect your vehicle and make it less of a liability. 

These include features standard on many modern cars, like backup cameras and forward-collision warning. Even if your car is decades old, airbags and ABS braking systems can also qualify you for a discount.

Drivers who install anti-theft devices in their cars can also benefit from cheaper car insurance. A GPS tracker is even more appealing to insurance companies. Typically, if you have comprehensive coverage, your insurance provider has to replace the car if it’s stolen. If your vehicle can be recovered thanks to GPS coordinates, the insurance company will only have to compensate you for theft-related damage.

If your insurance company offers home or life insurance, ask to have those policies bundled alongside your auto coverage purchase. Most providers will give you discounts for taking out multiple policies at once.

Since young drivers have less experience, insurance companies will often charge these policyholders more expensive premiums. Students can offset those costs by maintaining good grades.

Paying for car insurance can be a strain on top of car loan payments and regular maintenance. That’s why every little discount helps, most of which can be enjoyed by any driver.