Remember Segway? It’s Back With A Different Kick-Scooter

Remember those self-balanced things you stood on to blitz you around? We used to see police running around on them at sporting events and such. They stopped making those ubiquitous personal mobility things last year after 20 years in production. But now they’re back with this new e-scooter. It’s called the Segway Kick-Scooter.

Today the company is known as Segway-Ninebot after acquiring the robotics company Ninebot in 2015. It is still in the mobility business but with these “sit on” electric scooters. Segway offers three different flavors; the Launch Edition E110SE, the standard E110S, and its top-of-the-line E125SE.

Segway calls the genre “kick-scooter”

lineup of Segway kick scooter e-scooters
Segway kick scooter | Segway

These aren’t unexplainable transportation you ride on but instead are fairly conventional electric scooters. Segway calls the genre “kick scooters.” so we’ll forgo electric scooter for the proper kick scooter terminology.

Starting with the base model E110S, an electric motor in the rear wheel scoots the e-scooter up to just under 50 miles range. A full charge takes four hours. The Launch Edition E110SE utilizes a larger battery which gives it 60 miles range. You might as well pay a bit more for those extra 12-15 miles of range. These also come with anti-lock brakes which are rare to find on a scooter.

A dual-battery system gets you an 85-mile range

woman riding red Segway e-scooter
Segway kick scooter | Segway

The top dog E125S has leather and chrome and glitz to warrant the extra cost. A dual-battery system gets you an 85-mile range. In many countries including the US where top speed regulations vary for mopeds, the Segways can be limited to either 15 mph or 25 mph depending. 

A button on the handlebars can control top speed. Within the US engine size, top speed, and even the addition of pedals can vary from state to state. And all other countries have different regulations that the Segway scooters can conform to.

The battery is in the lower part of the frame for a lower center of gravity

two Segway e-scooters
Segway kick scooter | Segway

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These were designed from the beginning to be electric so the battery is in the lower part of the frame for a lower center of gravity. This also frees up space under the seat for storage. And the battery is easily removed so that it can be brought in to charge rather than having to look for a charging station. It weighs 22 lbs and has a convenient handle if this is your method of charging. 

With the Segway app owners can be advised if their kick scooters fall over when parked. GPS tracking is also part of the deal, and it will give basic info like parking location, amount of remaining charge, etc. 

Prices start at $2,625 in the UK-US prices have not been set. For the top E125SE, you’ll be set back $4,170. While only available there, Segway has the ability and infrastructure to produce 10 million scooters a year. So they’re only beginning to launch what will eventually be a worldwide effort. Segway is shooting for direct-to-consumer online transactions. No timeline has been given for availability here in the US but you can monitor that eventuality on their website.