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Buying a brand new SUV can be exciting, but it can also be stressful. When it comes to buying a new car, you expect to pay a premium, but that doesn’t have to mean a new SUV is out of your budget. In fact, according to Consumer Reports, there are several high-rated and reliable SUV options that you can buy right off the lot for less than $30,000.

The obvious options

There are a lot of popular options that you can take for a test drive, but when it comes down to deciding what to buy, the price is pretty important. If you’re looking for something that’s just as capable off the road as it is on the pavement, the new Subaru Crosstrek should be high on your list. The modern upgrades start with the redesigned front end and continue to include all of the tech and safety features you want with a price you can afford.

2020 Subaru Crosstrek | Subaru
2020 Subaru Crosstrek | Subaru

A less popular option is the Hyundai Kona, and while they aren’t a crowd-favorite, they stand out from the competition. The unique front-end design gives the car a striking appearance, and while the small 2.0L engine provides a decent fuel economy, it isn’t the most responsive. A slightly sportier option with more get-up-and-go power for Hyundai is the Santa Fe, which is just as affordable and reliable.

More affordable SUV options

Skip the standard 2020 Nissan Rogue and go for the just-as-affordable Rogue Sport. The same reliability, space, and comfort of a standard Nissan Rogue with all of the improvements in handling and performance that the SUV has desperately needed. While it’s still not as fun to drive as a proper sports car, the Rogue Sport is a much-needed upgrade, and you can get them for a bargain even new.

A general view of the Mazda CX-5 during the L.A. Auto Show
The Mazda CX-5 | Victor Decolongon/Getty Images for Mazda Motor Co.

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If you’re looking for affordable but new SUVs, you don’t have to sacrifice much to get them. While they may not have the stunning performance or beautiful luxury of more expensive SUVs like the Lamborghini Urus, they are still fantastic options for a family vehicle or just a daily driver with some added practicality.