Rejuvenate Your RV With These Crafty Decorating Ideas

I am a self-proclaimed “Car Nut”. I suffer from OCOB, Obessive Car On Brain Disorder. As such, I often visualize how I am going to modify a vehicle that I own. Sometimes it is a mild customization like wider tires and window tint, while other times the visualization involves lift kits, lowering kits, fancy paint, or superchargers. All of this customization visualization happens because I want to make my vehicle an expression of my own tastes. In essence, I am not John Doe. So, I do not want John Doe’s cookie-cutter vehicle. The same goes for my RV, lawn tractor, or my bicycle. RV manufacturers want to appeal to the masses. So, they decorate with that in mind. But, then walks in a person like me where the mass appeal of blandness is not enough. I want my own flavor to rejuvenate the atmosphere of the trailer. Below are a few easy ways anybody can do that.

Refinishing RV cabinets

Inside a hippie van RV with orange decor and a Jimi Hendrix poster
Inside of a hippie van | Andrew Greenland for Getty Images

Let us be honest, updating or modifying cabinets in an RV is more like home remodeling. For example, refinishing the cabinets to be more in keeping with your own flavor is something many homeowners do right away upon moving into their new digs. Well, a pop-up camper, fifth-wheel, or motorhome are not that different. The cabinets can be easily be refinished in a color or theme that one prefers. So, if all white cabinetry is your thing, go for it! On the other hand, if a more industrial feel is your thing, then maybe you should make a diamond plate countertop.

Replace the sofa

Furniture gets old. The sofa that came in the RV is no exception. After a few years of usage, the material covering the sofa may get frayed, and the sidearms may start to separate. So, replacing that old sofa can do a lot to refreshen the environment within the travel trailer or motorhome, and also land you a more comfortable seat.

The standard bland RV curtains

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Another thing to look into when trying to modify or rejuvenate your RV is the curtains. The standard RV curtains are okay, yet bland. A quick trip to the craft store can score you some material with your favorite team or NASCAR driver livery. You might even find some pennants with the same theme that can be hung along with some clear white LED Christmas bulbs.

RV wallpaper gets old

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After a while, some wallpaper can start to curl at the edges. This lifting will only progress. So, when this happens, people often consider taking it down or replacing it with other wallpaper. Whatever you decide, you will be dealing with a process that is a bit involved. Steaming the walls to loosen the paper involves renting or buying a steamer. Then it is the slow matter of waiting for the steam to do its job. But, once you are done with that, you are left with fresh walls ready for a paint job or new wallpaper.

There are many things that can be done to rejuvenate the atmosphere in your RV. Updating cabinetry, furniture, curtains, and wall coverings are just a few. So are updating shelving, adding stenciling to the walls, etc. The list goes on. There is every reason to make a recreational vehicle uniquely yours. It is not hard to do so either, as has been shown above with the easy redecorating tips. Just remember, you do not have to be John Doe. It is okay to be you and have your RV reflect that too!