Regrets? These are the Top Cars and Trucks Sold Within One Year

What does it say about the vehicles on this list? We won’t venture there other than to say many reasons could compel one to sell their big purchase within a year. From life situations to regrets and everything in between, this is an unenviable circumstance.

Data firm iSeeCars put this fun list together. They looked at 46 million vehicle purchases from 2013 to 2018, then followed those cars to see if they popped back on the market a year from first registration.

Mercedes and BMW Lead List

Within a year 3.4% of new cars are resold. Of that group, the majority belong to those who can most afford it, thus the higher amount of luxury brands represented. We’re looking at you Mercedes and BMW.

What’s “Car Punching”?

Dealers will sometimes do what is known as “car punching”. This is when a dealer buys a new car as a limited-time loaner then sells it as used. Obviously, the data could not determine if this situation applied.

The List

It’s interesting to see that BMW, Land Rover, and Nissan make up the majority of the list:

  1. Mercedes-Benz C-Class: 12.4%
  2. BMW 3 Series: 11.8%
  3. Land Rover Discovery Sport: 11.8%
  4. Land Rover Range Rover Evoque: 10.9%
  5. Mini Clubman: 10.7%
  6. BMW X1: 10.4%
  7. BMW X3: 9.0%
  8. Nissan Versa Note: 9.0%
  9. Jaguar XF: 8.8%
  10. Nissan Versa: 8.7%

How About Brands?

Now, let’s look at which manufacturers are in the unenviable list of marques sold within the first year:

1.BMW: 7.9%

2. Porsche: 7.6%

3. Mercedes-Benz 7.4%

4. Land Rover: 6.5%

5. Jaguar: 6.4%

6. Mini: 6.2%

7. Fiat: 5.2%

8. Audi: 5.1%

9. Nissan: 5.0%

10. Infiniti 4.7%

All of the first five marques are high-end brands, which, again show those who can most afford to do this will do this. Unfortunately for Nissan both of their brands are on the list. “Nissan regularly finishes near the bottom for Consumer Reports brand reliability rankings and models like the Pathfinder and Sentra consistently earn the lowest possible scores for owner satisfaction ratings,” says Phong Ly iSeeCars’ CEO.

What About Trucks?

Wondering which trucks are resold within their first year? See for yourself:

  1. Nissan Titan: 7.6%
  2. Nissan Frontier: 5.3%
  3. GMC Canyon: 4.8%
  4. Toyota Tacoma: 4.7%
  5. GMC Sierra 1500: 4.6%
  6. Ram 1500: 4.1%
  7. Chevrolet Colorado: 4.1%
  8. Toyota Tundra: 3.9%

As the GMC Canyon and Chevy Colorado are one and the same, combining their rankings would put them solidly in first place at 8.9%. “The standard Titan and its larger XD variant do not measure up to their rivals in terms of towing capacity and hauling, which suggests that owners might turn them in for something more rugged,” says Li. “The compact Frontier has the same shortcomings for hauling and towing while also having the worst fuel economy in its class.”