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Ever since May 1999, the Toyota Tundra has been a trendsetter and fan-favorite pickup truck. Not only was the Tundra the first full-size pickup by a Japanese company built in America for the American market, but it was competing with Ford and Chevy’s heavyweight and time-tested full-size pickups right from the start. The Tundra surprised the world when, in 2000, it won Motor Trend magazine’s Truck of the Year award and then took the title again in 2008.

Since 1999, Toyota has improved its already rock-solid image, and this brand is now known in terms of data and word-of-mouth to be one of the most reliable automotive manufacturers on the market. Due to this great image, Toyota has seemed hesitant to change much of its full-size truck over the years. However, with the second-generation Tundra finally reaching the end of its life with the 2021 model year, the all-new 2022 third-generation Tundra is ready to take over the full-size truck market, and it is already creating some waves with awards. That includes a ‘most improved’ recognition from U.S. News.

The ‘Most Improved Car’ of 2022

A 2023 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro full-size pickup truck in Super White parked outside a country rural home
2023 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro | Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

According to U.S. News, the redesigned 2022 Toyota Tundra is the most improved car for the 2022 model year. While every new vehicle can be considered an improvement over the previous model in some way, the 2022 Tundra took top honors by improving on just about every aspect compared to the 2021 model.

This Tundra features a complete exterior redesign, finally retiring the roughly 15-year-old body style found in its previous model year. Additionally, a new suspension system keeps this full-size truck feeling like a more comfortable car on the road, and a brand new interior brings the Tundra into the modern age.

Modern equipment under the hood of the new Tundra

This Tundra doesn’t only succeed with ride quality and interior quality alone. The new Toyota Tundra has finally gotten rid of its V8 option for 2022. While some V8 purists may be saddened about this axed engine option, they will be happy to know that the V8 has been replaced by a powertrain even more capable and impressive. The Tundra comes stock with a 3.4L twin-turbo V6 engine making 389 horsepower. However, even more impressive is the optional 437 horsepower hybrid engine. Both are mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission, keeping fuel efficiency to a maximum while still offering a ton of power.

The 2022 Toyota Tundra comes with a smaller engine but more capability

When you shop for a full-size truck, you are looking for a vehicle that will last forever and get a ton of different jobs done. The 2022 Toyota Tundra has an impressive maximum towing capacity of 12,000 lbs, with a 1,940-lb payload capacity, making just about any job possible. Unlike many other trucks in its class, the bed is also reinforced with dent-resistant composite material, which quells many worries truck owners have. With many trucks, having something pierce through a protective layer covering the bed, which will then invite rust and corrosion, is a huge fear. However, for the Tundra, this composite material makes that impossible.

The Tundra also offers a retractable rear window, allowing for better cabin ventilation while driving and inviting longer loads to extend through the bed and into the cabin, maximizing cargo space.

The modern Tundra truck, according to U.S. News

With these improvements over the previous model year, it is no surprise the 2022 Toyota Tundra is the most improved car for 2022, according to U.S. News. The new Tundra takes the quality that has become an industry standard from Toyota and brings it into the modern age with improvements in virtually every category.


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