Recon Campers Is on a Mission to Make Camper Vans More Affordable

For those without the down payment for a larger RV or the space to park one, camper vans are a great way to get started with camping. There are many factors involved in making the right selection and avoiding wasting your money on van life scams.

One way to avoid camper-van build mistakes is to work with a trusted partner. Recon Campers is on a mission to make high-quality camper vans more affordable.

Recon Campers builds more affordable camper vans

Most campers look forward to the day when they can park a luxury RV in their driveway or give up their houses and spend their days cruising from one RV park to another. For many, that dream is either unrealistic or far off in the future. But a camper van, which can double as a commuter vehicle, provides a workable solution.

Following in the Volkswagen Westfalia’s footsteps, the Los Angeles-based Recon Campers is raising the bar for camper vans. Built using a Nissan NV200, Recon’s Envy camper van provides the comforts found in larger RVs but with greater versatility and convenience, according to Outside. Among the Envy’s features are a sink and shower with hot water, a mini-fridge, and plenty of technology to program and monitor amenities. Its pop-top allows for headroom while cooking or moving around without having to crouch, and its fold-out rear seat doubles as one of two beds.

Versatility and convenience set the Envy apart from larger RVs. Those who have space or money for only one vehicle can easily use their Envy as an everyday commuter. Even better, parking spaces are easy to find and access. Driving the Envy is no different from driving any other van, eliminating the challenge of maneuvering a monster through traffic or narrow spaces.

Where you can expect to pay around $1 million for a luxury RV or $100,000 for a high-end camper van, the Envy starts at just under $40,000. In addition to spending less to begin your camping adventures, you’ll also pay less at the gas pump. The Envy gets an average EPA fuel economy of 25 mpg.

How do Recon camper vans compare with larger, more luxurious models?


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Let’s be realistic when comparing a luxury RV to the Envy. It’s not as spacious — it doesn’t have a full kitchen, a separate bedroom, closets, and a bathroom. But the Envy doesn’t require half an acre to turn around, can fit in a standard garage, doesn’t guzzle gas, and costs a fraction of what you’d pay for a monster RV.

Cutting things down to size, a better comparison for the Envy are other camper vans. One comparable model is the VW T6 California, but it isn’t available in the United States. The heavy-hitter on the luxury camper van market is the Sprinter 2500, built by Mercedes-Benz. This high-quality camper van boasts lots of extras, but you’ll have to find a used model from 2012 or older to match the Envy’s price. Plus, the Sprinter guzzles gas to the tune of 18 mpg, Outside reports. Build-out packages like the Ford Transit Connect and Ram ProMaster City campers cost less than the Envy, but neither offers pop-up headroom or indoor cooking capabilities.

There are plenty of reasons to choose an affordable Envy

Camping is a great way to get away from it all and enjoy nature. Even if you aren’t into sleeping on the ground in a tent and don’t have the space to park a camper or the cash for a larger RV, you can still head out on a camping adventure. Recon’s Envy camper van provides the creature comforts, versatility, convenience, and affordability you seek.