Recall Alert: Your 2021 Hyundai Tucson ABS May Cause Fire

Recalls always get our heart rates up. It takes a pretty serious problem to issue a full-blown recall. Usually, recalls are saved for faulty seat belts, exploding airbags, exploding motors, and the occasional fire. Well, lately, we’ve seen a lot more fire-related recalls with the prevalence of electric cars. Well, we can now add the 2021 Hyundai Tucson to the list of fire-hazard vehicles. 

The 2021 Hyundai Tuscon ABS is a fire hazard affecting nearly 800,000 units 

According to Car Complaints, the Hyundai Tucson ABS recall includes 797,000 units. The official recall notice suggests that owners of recalled Tucssons should park their vehicles away from anything flammable until recall work has been completed. 

The models included in the recall span from 2016-2021. The anti-lock braking system or ABS for these models has a hydraulic electronic control unit (HECU) that may corrode, causing a short in that leads to engine cavity fires. This recall specifically affects Tucsons made in South Korea between May 19th, 2015, through November 16, 2020. 

Hyundai gets involved with the investigation

After a few Tucsons caught fire, both while driving and parked, Hyundai issued a smaller recall a few months ago that only included 180,000 units. After nine different Tucsons fires, a third-party lab tested Hyundai parts to see what caused the flames. 

2021 Hyundai Tucson during sunset recall
2021 Hyundai Tucson | Hyundai

“Through disassembly and examination of internal components, the test laboratory observed evidence of an electrical resistance short caused by corrosion on the ABS module ECU’s printed circuit board (“PCB”). Spectrum analysis of the corrosion residue revealed traces of copper, silicon, and tin elements.” – Hyundai

It seems that the ABS itself is less of a problem as it is the wrong amperage fuse. The formerly used 40-amp fuse is what was shorting out and causing the fire. Hyundai started using a 25-amp fuse instead, starting in November, which seems to have solved it. While the short is what causes the fires, Hyundai is still unsure what the root of the corrosion problem. The immediate fix seems to be replacing the fuse to eliminate the chance of fire. 

The Hyundai Tucson’s ABS still needs attention

Hyundai said, the “ABS module’s main controller board (PCB), under specific conditions including heat and humidity, could experience an electrical resistance short.” Car Complaints advises drivers to keep a keen eye on the ABS warning lights, smoke, or any signs of excessive heat or burning. 


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The SUVs are still driveable, but the official advice is to leave them parked away from buildings or other cars until the issue is resolved. The recall will include replacing the faulty fuse and updating the electronic stability control software. Any Hyundai Tucson that is 2019 or newer will receive the update. Owners can also be reimbursed for any damages sustained as a result of the recalled defects. Car Complaints suggests that if you have any questions about the recall, call 855-371-9460 and refer to ABS recall number 195.

Hyundai takes an L

Hyundai has been continuously killing it over the last few years, but like any manufacturer who makes cars long enough, these things eventually happen. The South Koren automaker has had other fire issues, but hopefully, this one can be resolved without too many charred remains. As with all recalls, take them seriously because no manufacturer wants to issue them. You can trust if a recall is issued, then it is a serious matter.