Recall Alert: Some Dual-Sport Zero Bikes May Have Braking Issues

EV vehicles are selling like hotcakes. They have been captivating people with their new technology, extremely fast and smooth acceleration, piles of sensors and cameras, and all other manors of sci-fi gadgetry; oh, and the whole – ya know – better for the earth part. All this new technology comes with its fair share of hiccups and as well, though. Zero, probably the leading electric motorcycle company, has just issued a recall on some of their newer models.

What seems to be the problem?

Zero just issued a recall for certain 2021 dual-sport and street models after they discovered that some of these bikes were built with a DC-DC converter that may have insufficient power to run effectively, according to ADV Pulse. The main issue seems to be that the converter can’t sufficiently support the anti-lock braking system (ABS). Other power issues affect the instruments, lights, indicators, and accessories connected to the accessory outlet at once. 

2019 Zero Motorcycle DS
2019 Zero DS | Zero

ADV Pulse references the NHTSA’s recall report stating that if the DC-DC converter exceeds its power capacity, those functions can instantly turn off without warning to the rider. Considering that this shut-off can affect brakes and lights, the potential for danger is clear. 

Which Zero motorcycle models are being recalled?

Zero has found 64 examples of inadequate DC-DC converter being put across the various models so far. The bikes included in the recall are the 2021 SR, S, DSR, DS, FX, and FXS. 

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Next steps for Zero owners

Zero is notifying owners of any one of the affected models that they can take their bikes to the dealership, and the part will be replaced free of charge. Zero warns to be extremely cautious if riders choose to ride one of these bikes before getting the part replaced. 

Although Zero motorcycles has led the way for EV, so a hiccup is certainly to be expected. While Zero continues to trail blaze, we can expect continued excellence with a few bumps in the road. 

The recall is set to be in effect starting November 2nd.