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Oh no, your Ford F-150 Lightning might need to take a trip to the dealership due to a battery problem. A few electric F-150 trucks may have been delivered with a defect that’s causing the batteries to catch on fire. See if your Ford F-150 Lightning model is at risk. 

Ford F-150 Lightning battery recall 

2023 Ford F-150 Lightning battery fire recall
2023 Ford F-150 Lightning | Ford

The Ford F-150 Lightning recently experienced a stop-sale due to an unidentified battery problem. A few models were sparking flames after going through the production line. 

However, Ford assured customers that only vehicles that hadn’t been delivered struggled against the issue. 

This may have been shared a little too early because now there is a Ford F-150 Lightning recall due to a battery defect. While only 18 trucks that have been delivered to dealers and customers are at risk, the fires seem to be spreading. 

CNBC shared that the trucks were assembled with improperly produced battery cells. The cells were built over a four-week period at a Georgia plant from the SK on supplier. 

It’s unclear how many models are being held at the production plant due to this defect. But at least they didn’t get delivered before this issue was discovered. 

Ford is applying quality actions to completed vehicles with the batteries produced during the four-week period that have been in holding. 

Ford hasn’t shared what causes the fires or the potential fix. This information could be released once the official recall by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is released. 

What to do if your F-150 Lightning has a battery problem 

If your Ford F-150 Lightning batteries are at risk, you will be notified via mail by Ford. But you can also enter your 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (V.I.N) on the NHTSA site to see if your truck is under recall. But you may have to wait for the official notice to be released. 

The fix involves taking your F-150 Lightning to a local dealership for service. The battery packs will be replaced at no charge. Be sure to skip the wait by scheduling your service appointment as soon as possible. 

Currently, Ford is unaware of any injuries or accidents related to the problem. Ford also shared that you can continue driving and charging your truck as normal. 

If your truck isn’t included in this recall, we recommend keeping an eye on things. At first, the fire was only related to one truck. Ford claimed vehicles that had already been delivered were fine. The issue could still get bigger. 

How many F-150 Lightning recalls are there? 

2023 Ford F-150 Lightning recalls are at 10
2023 Ford F-150 Lightning | Ford

This Ford F-150 Lightning recall puts the total at 10. Nine other recalls are related to a loose bolt in the transmission leading to roll-aways, failing windshield wipers, flickering parking lights, improper airbag deployment, loose wheel lug nuts, a driveshaft fracture, separating steering column wiring, and failing trailer brakes. 

On a positive note, Ford has corrected the previous problems already. However, 10 recalls are a little concerning. Some of the issues, like the drive shaft failure or separating wheels, are more concerning than the other problems. 

Make sure your F-150 Lightning is properly maintained to avoid potential headaches. Get your battery pack replaced as soon as possible to avoid sparking flames. We will continue tracking this story for the latest updates.