Recall Alert for Ford Transit Engine Problems And Ford Escape Issues

Uh oh, Ford just announced two new recalls. The 2020 Ford Transit and 2020 Ford Escape both need to head back to the dealership to correct engine and tire pressure problems. See if your Ford van or SUV is at risk. 

2020 Ford Transit Connect recall for engine problems 

Ford has issued a recall for about 2,930 2020 Ford Transit Connect vans in America and 584 in Canada due to engine problems. According to CNET, Ford is issuing the recall due to a buggy engine failsafe feature. 

2020 Ford Transit Connect driving on highway
2020 Ford Transit Connect | Ford

Instead of protecting the engine, the failsafe is allowing the temperature to rise past safe temperatures. Delays in the engine cooling strategy could decrease engine power and increase the risk of fire. The risk of accidents is also increased. 

Ford dealerships will update the powertrain control module for free. This is to make sure the engine doesn’t get cooked on accident and to protect owners from potential accidents. At least a significant repair isn’t needed! 

2020 Ford Escape recall for tire pressure issues 

Ford also issued a recall for about 689 2020 Ford Escape models in America and 19 in Canada for incorrect tire pressure monitoring. The tire pressure monitoring system may not alert drivers when their tire pressure is low. 

2020 Ford Escape parked in dessert sand
2020 Ford Escape | Ford

As a result, driving with underinflated tires could decrease handling and performance and increase the risk of accidents. However, you can also manually check your tires with a tire pressure gauge. 

But who wants to check their tires in the cold when they’re supposed to have convenient technology to rely on? That’s why Ford dealerships will replace the body control module for free. Until then, consider checking your tires on cold mornings. 

What if my Ford Escape or Transit Connect is at risk? 

Ford will begin notifying owners who are at risk in the mail soon. But if you don’t want to wait that long, you can call Ford at 1-800-392-3676. You can also enter your 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) here, on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website. Your VIN can be found on the inside of the driver’s door. 

If your vehicle is affected, you will need to take your Ford Transit or Escape back to a Ford dealership for maintenance. You do not have to go to the same dealership where you purchased your vehicle. A local option will be fine. 

Remember to call in advance to schedule your maintenance appointment, so you don’t get stuck waiting around all day. Also, ask about their Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) policies to keep yourself and others safe. 

While we’re on the subject of recalls, the 2020 Ford Transit and 2020 Ford Escape have had more than one issued recently. In July 2020, Ford issued a recall for the Ford Escape and Transit due to having airbag problems. 

Red 2020 Ford Escape riding around town.
2020 Ford Escape | Ford

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The affected vehicles may have an improperly crimped diffuser in the side curtain airbags. As a result, the diffuser may detach from the inflator once the airbag is deployed. This could lead to improper inflation and increase the risk of injury.