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The Lincoln Aviator is the subject of a new recall regarding its backup camera and video display. The issue is potentially dangerous and could cause a collision. It’s a popular choice among SUV drivers, despite a questionable safety record and a history of related recalls.

2020 Lincoln Aviator | Raymond Boyd via Getty Images

Consumer Reports details a dangerous safety recall for the Lincoln Aviator

Drivers expect a lot from a vehicle in this price range. For example, reliable safety equipment. Consumer Reports explains the most recent safety recall affecting one of the Lincoln Aviator’s most important features. It affects nearly 35,000 vehicles.

Drivers may not have video feedback while the Aviator is in reverse. This dangerous lack of visibility could lead to accidents. Ford described the problem like this: “the image processing module may be intermittently unable to provide a video feed to the display screen.”

How will Lincoln Aviator drivers know if their vehicle is affected?

A white 2020 Lincoln Aviator SUV on display
2020 Lincoln Aviator | Raymond Boyd via Getty Images

Lincoln drivers have a list of complaints with the SUV. For example, two recalls have already been issued for the 2021 year model. This camera issue may be intermittent at first but shouldn’t be ignored. Aviator owners who experience backup camera or video display issues shouldn’t wait for the manufacturer to contact them. That process won’t begin until May 9th.

Most importantly, Aviator drivers who suspect their vehicle may fall under this recall don’t have to wait for the May 9th announcement. A VIN search with the manufacturer reveals if a vehicle falls under an active recall. Similarly, Aviator owners can also call the manufacturer at 800-392-3673 and reference recall number 21C09

What should Aviator owners do if their SUV falls under the recall?

Owners of affected vehicles need to contact a local licensed Ford dealership. Dealerships will provide information on repairs and book an appointment. Ford will cover the cost of repair to correct the issue, as with most major recalls.

The good news is, this recall won’t keep Aviators off the road for long. Technicians don’t need to perform any hardware repairs, and a software update will resolve the issue. Moreover, it’s likely these repairs won’t take more than an hour, depending on workload and availability.

The Lincoln Aviator has a lengthy recall history

A white 2020 Lincoln Aviator SUV on display
2020 Lincoln Aviator | Raymond Boyd via Getty Images

The Lincoln Aviator is no stranger to recalls. An annoying windshield wiper fluid issue has already plagued the SUV. Several serious safety issues have spurred other recalls. Eight active recalls are affecting the 2020 Aviator.

Everything from the suspension to the motor mounting seems to have a serious safety recall. Therefore owners should take care to cross-check their VIN for potential issues regarding their vehicle. However, Aviators unaffected by recalls received good safety ratings from the IIHS and the NHTSA.