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Article Highlights for Chevy Bolt acceleration recall

  • Unintended acceleration possible in Chevy Bolts
  • Cause: all-weather floormates entangled with pedal
  • Chevy already recalling every Bolt to replace battery

The Chevy Bolt is making the wrong kind of headlines. Battery malfunctions have been causing dangerous car fires. Then General Motors made headlines when it recalled every Chevy Bolt ever made. The manufacturer promised to replace all battery packs. Chevy issued a second recall after an investigation into possible unintended acceleration. Optional all-weather floormats sliding against the accelerator pedal can cause the issue. So Chevrolet is urging Bolt owners to remove all-weather floormats until the company can manufacture safer replacements.

All-weather floor liners can “entrap” the accelerator pedal

This is a promo photo of the interior of a 2020 Chevrolet Bolt. The floor mats in some cars are interfering with the pedals, causing unintended acceleration, and leading to a Chevy Bolt recall. | General Motors
2020 Chevrolet Bolt interior | General Motors

On October 14th, General Motors notified all its dealers of a safety recall. The company labeled the issue with internal reference number N212345450. 

According to GM’s Global Safety Field Investigations, 2017-2021 Chevy Bolts are at risk of “unintended acceleration.” The cause: optional all-weather floor liners, often called floormats.

According to GM, some buyers ordered Chevy Bolts with optional all-weather floor liners. Unfortunately, even when properly secured, these liners can slide forward and “entrap” the accelerator pedal.

GM also offered some good news. Even with a floor liner depressing the accelerator pedal, the regular brakes and emergency brake function.

Is the Chevy Bolt floor liner recall surprising?

The low price of the Chevy Bolt has always wowed consumers. It ranked among the cheapest electric cars of 2021. Then, when the 2022 Bolt was revealed, some dealers cut the price of surplus models so dramatically, we saw Chevy Bolt leases as low s $49 a month.  

The jaw-dropping Chevy Bolt deals came at a cost. Good Housekeeping’s car critics wrote, “Both the driver and passengers will feel slighted by the interior cabin quality.”

In addition, Chevrolet is not the only manufacturer struggling with migrating floormats. For example, certain Toyotas and some Ram Trucks are currently facing floormat-related recalls. Therefore, considering the Chevy Bolt’s poor interior quality ratings, the floor liner recall is not entirely surprising.

Chevrolet is working on a solution, urges drivers to remove mats

This is a promo photo of a red 2020 Chevrolet Bolt parked on the street. GM announced an additional Chevy Bolt recall, based on unsafe floormats. | General Motors
The 2017-2021 Chevrolet Bolt is subject to two recalls | General Motors

How Do You Know if Your Car Is Scheduled for a Recall?

GM does not have a floor liner solution yet. The manufacturer is working on safer, replacement floor liners. But at this time, no such OEM liners are available.

Firstly, General Motors has decreed that any all-weather floor liners–or Bolts equipped with them–in dealer possession not be delivered to customers. GM reminded dealers it would be a violation of Federal law to do so.

Additionally, the auto manufacturer urges any owners of Chevy Bolts with all-weather floor liners to remove the front, driverside liner from the vehicle. However, GM did ask customers to keep the removed liner to trade it in for an approved one down the road.

But every Bolt has already been recalled for a Cheverolet dealer battery replacement. Therefore, GM should have plenty of opportunities to replace dangerous floor liners. If you have a question about your Chevy Bolt, you can reach GM customer service at 1 (800) 462-8782. If you are curious about the floor liner recall, cite the reference number N212345450.